First time blogger

First time for blogging, there is a first for everything like driving a car when you sixteen years old. I will bring up topics about anything involving my pets, adventures we take, cleaners I use around them, etc. information, as you can tell from my site name, I am a proud fur baby momma.

I have one golden retriever, he is 6 years old, name Remington Bear. sadly his brothers before him had went to the rainbow bridge during the last few years. Gizmo, who was our beloved chinchilla at age 10, then Buzz Bud Lightyear around the same age, my rescue cat, shortly after 2 months of Gizmo. Jesse James, their oldest brother, who recently passed this year at age 18, a Pomeranian, he was an awesome little dog.

So now its Remington and I, and the facts you hear and read about goldens, are very true! very loyal dogs, very protective, and absolutely, adore you every which way they can.

My main focus of this, is to be the voice of homeless pets, to give them hope, to let people know they are not just a pet in the family. They are just like humans in every way. Just had a different life to live than humans. So, I hope this blog can take off. I am in this for the long haul.

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