Blogging With A Purpose

I started blogging with a purpose.

I want a way to work from home. To start helping others with the knowledge that I know. To change the world. But, still, most importantly, I want to spend MORE time at home with my dog.

I am a proud Furbaby mother. I work fulltime in construction. I grew up with my mother being a stay at home mom, and now have a sister in law that is.

I am working so hard to become that roll of “stay at home wife/mom”.

So I was looking into everything and anything to bring myself home to make money from home.

Direct sales companies

Pet sitting

Baby sitting

Only to find out…. that my full time job has me booked, that I have so much of a hard time, that I can’t seem to get the right FOLLOWERS to get interested in anything.

I get “negative Nancy ” people that have to voice their negative opinions on what I try.

I’m all about positive. I’m all about working for what I want. This life revolves on working. Actually contributing to society. To make money you have to spend money. Every job industry helps people, right? Honestly think about it, EVERY industry, HELPS people. Whether it’s, health care, retail, construction, Home based businesses, you name it. We all HELP each other in some way.

So, I wanted to start this whole blogging process in order to help others. Whether I’m helping you finding your next way to SAVE money, make extra cash, earn cash back.

Maybe you want some ideas for crafts. I am a huge craft person!

I have Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, a Youtube Channel, this blog and another blog.

I make extra money somehow from all these platforms. I want to be able to bring in enough that I can leave my job in a year, so I can be home with my Furbaby more often.

That’s what any girl truly would want in their life, right? We all picture that “stay at home wife/mom”. I know I do!

So, I’m ready to kick some butt. Please keep following me on my journey!

I have tons and tons of ways you can make extra cash, and save, but you have to be willing and open up your eyes to change!

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