Learning Something New Everyday

Everyday, I am learning something new, whether it’s at my job, blogging, my dog teaching me something, finding something new to make money. I learn everyday, and I enjoy it. Now here’s to hoping I can gather everyone else to join me on this journey.

Again, I’ll keep saying, I started blogging back in June of 2017, with the idea of wanting to just make money. However, with the knowledge I have gained about this, it’s not just about making money to me now. It is about how I want to help others who maybe struggling in life, need advice for something, and possibly want a change for the better!

I’ve been through a lot the past 7 years, buying my first house on my own at the age of 22, been through nasty relationships, only to find myself yet unmarried. I pray for that day to happen to me now.

But, learning from what I’ve been through, can only go up from here now. I still struggle myself finically, and are finding ways slowly to get myself back on track to where I need to be for the future to come. I now have a very good job that come August 2018 I will be there for 2 years, a wonderful guy in my life who stays by me through it all. He pushes me to pursue this bogging adventure :).

Having troubled times in the past can not mad you a better and stronger person for the future.

So in this blog entry this evening, I want to talk about how you can help yourself for the future to come if you are willing to it the work into anything.

I am an affiliate marketer, I like to use my affiliate links to start making my blog come alive! I share my blog on a day to day basis now to show that I am here for everyone who needs the help, but ultimately it’s you who needs to push yourself into trying something new.

Most of these money making ideas, or saving money ideas can be so useful in the years to come, let’s face it, times are changing!

I also share apps that can help you save money, make extra money (either PayPal or gift cards). To me, I think that’s pretty sweet!

So, one app I’d like to share with you all is called Dosh. It is this new app that’s completely on fire. It is for android and iPhone users! To start Dosh, (I will leave my referral link in this blog post for anyone willing), use the referral link you have been given, sign up, link a debit/credit card- you will automatically get $5.00 in your account. You can link other cards but it will be $1.00 for each one after your first one.

Another way to start earning money, is by simply taking advantage of the in store or online offers each store has on there. You will get a percentage of cash back once you have completed an offer.

If you are a person who likes to travel, there are great deals on hotels on the Dosh app, that I found WAY cheaper than Expedia!

Lastly, if you refer others to the app, you can receive $5.00 for each person who signs up under your referral link!

I think that’s a pretty neat idea if you ask me!

So why not give Dosh a try! Here is my referral link for anyone interested!


Also, find me on

Pinterest- http://www.pinterest.com/pvgradclass2006

I do have another blog as well


Here is to a great start to 2018!

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