Day 1- Get Out of Debt Challenge

Yes, this is day one of getting out of Debt! Actually I was doing pretty good for the past few weeks on this challenge. You ready for this?

I am no longer stopping at any fast food chain to eat. That’s right, no more McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Sheetz, Wawa, Long John Silvers, you name the list. That’s the first step of getting out of debt in my book.

Oh my goodness, I cannot begin to tell you how much money is thrown out the window if I or you are constantly stopping at fast food places. Now, I am not saying this math is right for everyone. But I did it for me, a single person.

For a medium size value meal at McDonald’s, it cost me, almost $12.00. That’s medium fry, medium drink and the main course! That is unreal! Now I can go to Walmart, and pick up a 6 pack of frozen burgers for about $6.00, pack of buns, for about $1.50…. now I barely put anything on my burgers, but if you seriously take the time and add up prices when shopping at your local grocery versus going to a McDonald’s for supper, you are looking at a big difference in your wallet!

Now since stopping at fast food places, I have started to seriously look into ways to start saving money at my grocery store. I have researched for ideas to start saving, earning cash back, even making extra money. These ideas are worth it in the end, but you have to ultimately be that person to stop making excuses! Start changing!

Sometimes my goal of blogging and YouTube is definitely to have a way to quit my full time job within a years time frame! Helping others with a path to a new year, helping you get out of any hole that you are in.

I’m ready for change, are you?

If you are looking to start saving money this year, I have an awesome app for any of youbto try!

This app is called Shopkick. Shopkick is an app where you can earn points to walking into a store, scanning items, scanning your receipts. You can earn cash back from purchases you make through the app itself, also, you can earn extra money from referring others to this app as well!

I will leave my referral code here, if you wish to sign up for this app!

Referral code for Shopkick- FUN574287

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