Eating on a Budget

It definitely isn’t eating easy on a budget. In fact, lately I have turned to Dollar Tree to try and see what box dinners they have. I’ve been living on these box dinners for about a good solid month now, to avoid the endless time in the kitchen of cooking being that my current work schedule is already long days to begin with.

I know these are never the healthiest for you, but knowing they are better than stopping at McDonald’s knowing I want to be saving money, because I am fixing up a house, these box dinners are coming in handy more and more!

Oh might I add, no one said it would be easy, but if you have to change things to get by, I would totally recommend anyone doing this!

Those cases of Ramen Noodles, my brother lives off those for almost 6 months. You can make little different meals out of them, I tried bacon in one, eggs, even put frozen veggies in a pack of Ramen noodles.

Here’s the great part! You will never live like this for long! Because it’s something now, you are willing to live like this on these box meals now, means there is something greater in store for you later!

No one will ever judge you for living like this! Hey, I do this!

The reason I’m living on these box dinners currently, is simply because, I’m fixing a house to sell it. So a lot of money is getting put into the house right now, for paint, oil, and other supplies.

With a little motivation on your end, there are quite a few apps out there that can help you save money at the grocery store if any of these box dinners are ever on sale! I have a list of apps:

Shopkick – use my referral codeif you are interested

FUN574287- my referral code

Shopular app

Dosh App- is my referral link




Anything is worth a try if you are willing to go for it!

It’s a new year, start this year off by saving!

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