Making Money From Home

I know some people that may look at me like I have two heads from the title of this post. Yes, you can make money from home. There are a lot of ways you can if you set your mind to it.

I do have a long list of ideas that you can make money from home, but for today, I will cover two that are similar in a way depending your preference.

Now for the record, or disclaimer, I am not sponsored by any of these ideas that I am going to be discussing in this blog post this morning.

These two topics are perfect for a high schooler, college student, and/or stay at home parents.

I’ve seen many and heard of many doing these two jobs. I’ve done one myself on occasions, but in my situation of working a full time job currently, it is tough to juggle.

First topic of the day, is babysitting. Babysitting you can do if you have a lot of friends that have kids and you wish to ask them to see if they need you to babysit for them.

You can also make flyers and post them up in your local grocery store, laundromat, or maybe your public library, to let parents know in you area you are there to babysit. Your flyers do not have to be any special way, in fact you do not have to sink a ton of money into them. If you have a computer at home and you have Microsoft Word, you can find a template to use to make your flyer. Perhaps you didn’t have a computer, your local library may be of use also to make your flyers, which might cost a few cents to a couple dollars to print out your flyers.

For this particular little job, there are a few websites you can look into that a lot of people will use today.

http://www.care.com is a great websites to check out for babysitting gigs in your local area. It is free to sign up. You can check out the website, you can sign up using your Facebook (if you have) or simply using your email and creating your password. Once you have signed up, you’ll want to look into the areas you are willing to cover, creating the time and days on the calendar that is provided for you under your profile. You can start searching for babysitting gigs in your area.

Getting a background check for the site increases your chances of getting found by families, this is a little investment on your part. Also getting ratings on your profile can help you as well.

Another website to check out is http://www.sittercity.com. I’ve never really used them, not many areas where I live use this site.

Craigslist is another, always be cautious when using Craigslist.

If babysitting isn’t your cup of tea, maybe perhaps you are more of an animal person, and there is never anything wrong whether you prefer kids or Furbabies. You can definitely look into pet sitting.

By asking your friends, neighbors, family if they ever go on a trip, you can let them know you are willing to pet sit if they went away.

Now you can use http://www.care.com for pet sitting as well, same concept goes for when signing up.

Craigslist you can look at too for finding gigs for petsitting, again always use caution with Craigslist.

You can make flyers as well just like babysitting and post them up in your local grocery store, laundromat, public library.

I can vouch for this, always ask your local grocery, laundromat, or public library if it is ok to hang a flyer up. Most of the time it is. Some will not allow it.

These two gigs are great opportunities to working from home, or just making some extra side cash.

Again, I am no way sponsored by anything of these ideas! But, I would recommend these ideas to anyone looking!

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