Working Towards a Goal

So, this morning I figured I would make this post since I thought of it last night. It’s a thought I’ve had on my mind.

I grew up with my mother being a stay at home wife/mom, and I always thought that was the life style to live, until today it has never happened to me. But, I see friends that I have went to school with and now see my sister-in-law get to play this role, and I’d give anything at the age of 29 to have that life style.

So I have researched ways over the last few years to stay at home, and make a living from home. I know the majority of you think I’m crazy, I’m annoying, and that is fine, you are not the right person to stay in my life or any means of social interaction with.

Whether you are female or male, what I do is try to strive for something better. I will work for everything I have. No, I do not need a job from anyone, I can handle that on my own.

What I want is what I want, I do not want anyone telling me how to live life anymore.

A little about me, most of you know, I am 29, I work full time in construction, working in construction I do not get much time for anything. No matter what, I am a mother. May not be to a kid (human), it’s a dog and a cat. I take care of them, so I am a very proud Furbaby mother.

I have been through a lot of relationships with guys that have all be disappointing, hopefully this time around is a better one.

I pray everyday, that special day comes for me that I get to spend the rest of my life with someone.

I work for everything I have. Whether I keep working in construction or see that my blog or YouTube Channel has finally started making me something, I will keep working towards that goal I have, to stay at home.

I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, ice fishing, hiking, horseback riding, four wheeling, truck shows, car shows, horses, farm life.

I am definitely note one for the city.

I love Spongebob, minions, singing, writing songs, playing guitar. The colors, purples and blues.

I would rather drive a truck than a little zippy car.

My dislikes are, onions, pork chops, ketchup, small zippy cats, pepper, peppers.

I do not have a lot of friends. Just people I’ve meant throughout the years.

I simply enjoy writing, I find it soothing for me, maybe that’s why I am going to stay consistent with this blog from here on out. From writing songs to blogging, to me it’s the same concept, getting something out there for the world to see, to help others in any way that I can. Whether it’s finically or needing something to read to feel better.

I will not back down from this, I know I will lose a lot of people from blogging and YouTube.

That’s fine! It’s who is there in the end.

I have a goal in mind to keep blogging, Youtube, and find any mean to living life at home but still bring money in.

That’s what I choose. So I hope I have a fan base behind me.

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