Friday- Flyers Savings

This morning was difficult getting up, know that I had to get up a half hour later than I normally do, to get ready for work. It’s Friday, it’s winter, it’s cold, and knowing I see I have a good blog going here for only starting it last year, really makes me want to concentrate on my blog. I do see the potential in this, working hard every day at it, being consistent, putting great content to gather in it, because I do leave my house to work, so I love finding anyway to save money, earn cash back, and make extra money.

I am one that never went to college after high school. I started work while I was in high school. If I would’ve know then, what I know now, I definitely would’ve saved money back then. This was in 2006, now we are in 2018. These times can be scary, but if you have the ambition that I do, this won’t be so hard then.

I am probably getting annoying to most of you that I have know for years, and that is ok! Some of you, you might be getting interested in what I’m posting, and that is great! I have joined Facebook groups to share my blog for others around the world.

I made a post about an app, and one person asked me if I had made any money off of it yet. The response I told them;

Personally nothing yet. I live in a depressed area where no one wants to change their life, and give nothing a try. So I am pushing myself to try things.

Hopefully I can get things to change where I live.

That’s why I have been venturing to different groups on Facebook to start growing my blog.

It’s true, the area I live in, is very much depressing, where jobs are just retail and fast food minimum wage, or warehouse jobs. It’s just not a lot to thrive on and grow yourself. For me, that’s why I travel outside the are for my job. Money is better. My job is also that company that is helping others, making communities stronger.

So, this is my whole reason behind this blog, to helps others and making communities stronger.

If you are looking for a great way to start saving, I have a place for you to start on this cold January 5, 2018.

This app I have on my phone is called Shopkick, and I can explain in some little detail about it, I can only explain so much that I know of the app, and hopefully I can get others to try it out with me. I will leave my referral code here in this post then, for anyone interested in trying out this app with me.

Shopkick is this app, you can download on your phone, this is a rewards and deals apps. When I walk into a store I get points for just walking in. You can scan products that each store has on the app to earn points, scan you receipts from your purchases as well. If you make a purchase through this app, you can earn a percentage back from making a purchase through the app. I have yet to make a purchase through the app. But I have done the others I have made mentioned, and yes I have earned points. This app can act as your shopping list too, there is a section where you can make a shopping list.

Summing this app up for you;

-Earn FREE gift cards while you shop!

-Rack up reward points (kicks) in-store and online!

-Earn kicks when you walk in, scan, or purchase.

-Earn kicks for shopping with online partners.

-Cash them in and treat yourself to gift cards!

-Plus, when you start referring others, when someone accepts your invite and gets their first walk-in or scan(within 7 days of joining) you both earn 250 kicks!

-So why not give Shopkick a try today

Here is my referral code to join!


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