Here is a Method That is Helping Me to Save

It has been rough the past few days to blog, left work Friday feeling fine, however going to bed, I got that sickness that has been going around. Haven’t been able to process a real good blog post here. But, yesterday while working on my house really got my head turning on ways I’m shifting my finical situation this year, with plenty of ways of how I will be saving money this year and getting by with things that I need versus things I want.

There is a huge difference with needs and wants, right? Needs are food, toothpaste, toilet paper, things like that. Wants are makeup, getting your nails done, going to the movie theater, going out to eat.

I am really on the mission this year to getting out of debt totally. I am learning, it is possible to do so. For anyone, if you work real hard at it, you can get out of debt within one to two years if you are determined to do so. If you aren’t, well, so be it.

One step I’ve decided to take is, getting the people who bring me down out of my life. I personally cannot deal with those who’s complain to me about their problems while I have my own, plus finding ways to help others out who want to try to change their ways. I like people that have goals in mind, want a better life. I want to be surrounded by people who are into saving money, becoming more finically set in life, work hard for everything they have. Also people who have an open mind to anything to try.

I am excited this year because I am already seeing a change in my bank account. Since I made my vow of not stopping at ANY fast food places anymore, I’m seeing more and more money in my account so I can be able to set money aside to start paying off all my debt I have. It made me happy to notice a huge difference since I made that step. I feel a sense of ease knowing I can make better changes.

I used to have my finical situation at a great spot when I was 22, but somehow over the years (I’ll be 30 this year) it has dramatically changed. Some people gave said that it had a lot to do with the guys I chose to date, that there was a major truth! But this is for another day!

In this blog today, I am sharing the idea of needs and wants when saving money. You need food, but you simply do not need your nails done-this is a want.

If you are looking to start saving money today, write down a list of needs and wants, compare what you can cut out so you can push your money into your other debt. It’s worth every penny and every minute you have free to help you get a way out of the hole you are in. I know I’m happy to be changing my ways this year, and hope to have others follow me.

So, I challenge you, take a look at your needs versus your wants! Get your finances together today!

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