Turn Scrap into Cash

If you are like me and always looking for a way to make a few extra bucks, then you’ve come to the right place to search for ideas! I can tell you now, you have to put the work into anything you do to make money. Money just doesn’t come to you!

This money making idea comes in handy if you or you know someone who has a pickup truck. I used to do this with someone about 10 years ago. The prices have dropped, but it’s still something to consider, whether you are a high school kid, college student, or someone wanting to make a few bucks from this.

Collecting scrap: I have done this about 10 years ago with someone. We were making a pretty decent amount from this back in the day. Today’s prices may have went down, but it is still something to consider on doing if you are looking for extra cash.

Craigslist is a tool I like to check regularly if anyone is trying to get rid of any scrap. This might be, stoves, fridges, washers, dryers, maybe an old swing set made out of metal. Any scrap metal you can think of, is worth the try to make a few extra bucks.

You can also check with friends and family if they ever have anything laying around to get rid of. Make up flyers saying you are hauling scrap for anyone needing it hauled away, and hang the flyers around your town.

I should rephrase this part. You do not necessarily have to have a pickup truck to do this job. You can use a smaller vehicle like an SUV or a car and a trailer. Just make sure the the vehicle you use with a trailer, is at the rated capacity for a trailer.

Always remember, it does a lot of effort on your end to make a few extra bucks. Money isn’t handed to you, nor does it grow on trees!

So if you are in the mood to turn scrap into cash- then try this little task out!

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