A Challenge to Myself

I have been at this everyday blogging, I have made a challenge for myself and I will continue to keep going with this one way or another. Whether I have family or friends, if you aren’t interested in following, then maybe you know someone who would be, who would want to follow my blog and stories I share.

Every now and then I will throw these posts in the mix and throw little twists in my blog.

After all, this is about, work, Home, and life.

I am single, never been married, I have no kids, however, I do have a six year old golden retriever and a cat that used to be a stray, I took him in to be an indoor cat. Both male, and definitely I treat them like my kids. Spoiled, as they both LOVE people food.

I’d give up everything for these two.

I have a full time job working in construction, operating an articulated Off road rock truck, and times in the office with survey. I absolutely love my job, just days I do wish I can work at home.

I am also getting more into network marketing, learning the aspects of it, how to approach people, this is where my blog now comes into play.

I got into a few affiliate programs, that of it ever catches anyone’s eye, they may get interested in a product. I’m slowly turning into an online shopper these days, finding the time and the ease to be more flexible for me, than taking the time to start my vehicle, then drive to store, to use up most of my morning, when I could’ve stayed at home and been able to clean.

My go to apps I have on my phone to purchase from and get items delivered to my door step, I can now earn cash back from making purchases through those apps! Such a life changing step, but a great one!

I’m excited to see where this year leads to. I’m going to be looking for new ideas and new ways throughout this year to save money, make extra money, earn cash back.

I’m also going to throw in some new twists in my blog posts as well, like doing Dollar Tree challenges, from DIY projects, to make up reviews, to anything that I can seem that’ll be a great learning experience for not only myself, but for you all as well!

So in a nut shell, I challenge myself this year, to save, and to be able to work from home!

So, are you ready for new rewarding challenges?

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