Are You Really Addicted?

As my blog is about working, home, and life, I have several topics to cover. Topics from making money, saving money, finding new ideas, DIY projects, and other things I see on a day to day basis.

Are you really addicted?

Coffee, a certain drug, cigarettes, chew, alcohol? Truth is, no one is really addicted to ANYTHING. We just say we are. Let me explain this why I believe this. I may get comments, maybe I’ll get lucky when I explain I I believe that you are truly NOT addicted to something.

I used to smoke cigarettes back in the day, I started when I was 18. I was smoking cigarettes up until I was about 22. I then started actually chewing tobacco, you know, like Copenhagen or Skoal. I just recently decided to say, enough was enough. I stopped it all cold turkey.


Because, I have better things to be spending my money on than wasting it on tobacco products. I didn’t use a patch to quit, I didn’t fall onto asking for support if anyone to quit. I didn’t have to go to a rehab place.

What I simply had to do was stop and think to myself, “is this worth the rest of my life to keep doing this? I want to save money for one, have a better life for myself. Not live paycheck to paycheck because I “think” I’m addicted to tobacco.”

I hear about it constantly someone saying they have an addiction. Honestly, an “addiction” is something that you choose to do. No one makes you do anything. You may lean into peer pressure over it, but you have a choice whether or not to get involved in anything. The people you surround yourself with, are ones to look at, “Am I surrounded by the right people?”

This all brings me to this.

I want to be able to surround myself with the right people, who want to succeed in this life, who steer their life to something better.

Stop and think to yourself, while you are fighting anything that may be if an “addiction”.. “Is it really worth it?”

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