Dollar Tree Challenge

So as I mentioned this morning as I was going to go to Dollar Tree and start shopping there. I came out pretty good today for a single person for $21.00 worth of food. I was pretty happy with my 5 bags of groceries. Of course I don’t get my milk, cheese and lunch meat there, I will continue to go to Wal mart.

When you need to start living on the means of what you can, it all turns out better in the end. I am choosing to change my life for the better, by being a smarter shopper, utilizing all the apps you can download on your phone for coupons, earning cash back by shopping through an app.

Living like a college student, eating canned noodles, ramen noodles, is most certainly not a forever thing! It just means you are trying to get in a better situation finically.

I plan to save at least $6,000.00 by the end of this year. I’d love to have saved up $10,000.00 if I can make that goal come true!

Dollar Tree in general has its perks! I must say! I have found ideas to actually do DIY projects to have awesome home decor, instead of paying an arm and a leg for something that someone else made, or buying it from Pier One. This is definitely another challenge on my list!

So, when I got to Dollar Tree to purchase my groceries, I found that the pasta they have, like the elbow noodles, thin spaghetti, lasagna noodles, they aren’t bad! For $1. And the box is about the size you get at Walmart for almost $2-$3 bucks!

I’m a big tuna and sardine person, so I’m giving the canned tuna and sardines a try! Lol. I’ve been told I’m gross for sardines. To each their own I say! Lol.

But, for real, I’m telling you! Dollar Tree is a cool store! So I think my next venture I will have to try out a make up challenge. I’ve been curious if their make up is worth the time or not. I did buy lip gloss there at one point, and I loved it actually.

So who is up for the Dolla Train?

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