Making a Sandwich Vs. Wendy’s

Yep, today as I am working on my house, o decided to pack some lunch up, instead of ordering a pizza or stopping to go get fast food today! Why? Because ever since I said to myself that this year there will be no more fast food stops, I have seen a great difference now in my bank account! It’s totally amazing to see that change!

Knowing that my money is going towards the house currently, I had to stop a few weeks ago and take a look at where my money was going.

I used to chew tobacco, and that was one thing I noticed where a lot of my money was going. I I haven’t stopped at McDonald’s, Wendy’s Taco Bell, for well about 2 months now. I am just simply amazed, just by looking at where my money was going, wasn’t worth it.

I am currently fixing up my house to turn around and sell it this year. So I need paint, I need tools, and so and so forth to get this house finished and sold.

So, now I’ll gladly spend the $50-$100 Dollars a month, on those quick grab and go snacks, bread, lunch meat, etc., because I want to be on a budget this year! I want to get my truck paid off this year at least a good amount. So making the sacrifices I’ve made to change my personal finances is the greatest step I can endure right now!

I used to have a great amount of savings two years ago, but some wrong turns lead me down a crappy path, that left me completely broke! But this is for another day of blogging.

If you are looking for a better way to start saving, I would stop and think, and see where you are spending money that you don’t really need. I haven’t had cable tv for the past 7 years! I don’t see the point in it!

It’s amazing what you can do to turn something around if you set your mind to it.

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