Saturday Shopping

Good morning! Oh, I love Saturday Shopping. It’s a day to share with you great deals that are out there. New companies that I’ve found, and just a great day of the week because I can spend time on my blog and enjoy this! So, here we go!

I am always trying to find new items and new online stores and companies because, I am finding it more easier and accessible being that I do work full time job right now, I need my time away from my job to be able to spend more time with my dog and cat, and family.

So, this morning I’m sharing this lovely company, if you are a Camouflage person, love the outdoors, Hunter, or a fisher! There is even clothes for your mini me!

BuckedUp Apparel has a lot of real nice and cute clothes that I’ve never seen anywhere else! Ladies, there is tons of clothes, hoodies, shirts, pants, you name it!

Right now there is 40% off, for anyone who is ready to look around and purchase!

So, I found a lot of cute hoodies and jackets!

This RealTree jacket is absolutely awesome! For me, it actually serves its purpose. I stay extra warm in just the jack alone, there is no need for a hoodie under this coat! I love the lining of it. It’s super comfortable, plus I love this Camouflage pattern on it!

I don’t know about many if you ladies? I am more and more of yoga pants and leggings now a days. I used to love jeans more, but I find more comfort in pants now, especially with BuckedUp!

For me, I love to spend the money if the products are worth it, and they are!

I fell in love with this pair of leggings pants! Super adorable, comfortable, and just my favorite to wear a lot.

This is another pair I fell in love with as well!

Oh, I do not want to forget about the mini me in your life!

For that definite mini me in your life they have a few infant clothes to put your little outdoor person in.

For your older mini me

BuckedUp Apparel has clothing for both, men women, boys and girls!

If you are interested in checking them out here is a link to follow!

Also if you decide to make a purchase, you can use PROMO CODE: CSBAIL15

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