Good Morning Sunday

It’s Sunday! What do you like to do on your Sunday? Relax, work, Church, be with family? Whatever you like to do, soak up the day and live it!

For me, I enjoy spending the day with my boyfriend being lazy, relaxing, watching T.V. Then later in the day, I got back to my place and spend the rest of the day/evening with my two Furbabies.

A little about me if a lot of your don’t know, I am a very proud Furbaby mother to a six year old golden retriever, Remington Bear, and a cat, Bryen. Both males, and I adore them both very much. I’d do anything to make their lives the greatest.

I work full time in construction. I operate an articulated Off road rock truck, and also part of our takeoff department. I got into construction because of my dad. I used to love going to work with him on those “take your kid to work day”.

I am getting into network marketing, it’s something that had piqued my interest for about the past three years.

I love to write, that why I started a blog, to help others with ideas that I have. With writing, I used to write my own songs. I actually started playing guitar in high school, and that’s when I found my niche for writing songs. My thing for writing will always exist. It’s an art.

I love to sing. Any song that comes on the radio I get into it and sing it!

I love to learn anything new in this life. I will try anything once.

I am a big outdoors person. Hunting, fishing, ice fishing, four wheeling, trucks and suvs.

So what is it you like to do on your Sunday? Feel free to drop a comment on this post, feel free to follow me.

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