A Country Look

Have you ever thought of remodeling your house to a country theme, with adorable accents, to add to your decor?

Maybe you love those wax warmers, or your a candle person perhaps? I have lovely home decor, candles, warmers and other items for anyone interested in taking a gander m at them?

Country Scent Candles- is a place to get your amazing products to tie in that Country look you are going for in your home!

Her is a line up of categories that Country Scent Candles has

We carry 16oz candles

We carry 8 oz candles

How about other products you might be looking for? Maybe you prefer warmers instead of candles? Well let me show you some!

Now, prices can vary on every product, just FYI. Here are some of the warmers we have.

So if you are in the market to adding to your home, I seriously do recommend Country Scent Candles

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