Reusing Plastic

How many other’s actually reuse plastic baggies? Or maybe you call them sandwich baggies, snack bags, storage bags?

I think I’m up for this challenge now of reusing them instead of continually buying new every time the box is empty. Better way to save as much as you can too! Now, you are able to wash these plastic bags out. I have watched my mom do it for a good 10 years now.

She says, she will reuse them as much as she can. There comes a point where they will get to that point you can’t clean them anymore. But if you are able to get as much use out of them as possible do it. You may start to notice a HUGE difference in your account.

So, I have accepted this little challenge now of starting to reuse my sandwich bags instead of throwing them to the trash. Why not try to save some money that way? It can help keep the environment cleaner a bit longer. It can reduce your grocery list at times.

I was tempted to try to run them through the dish washer? But, I’m not sure if they can withhold the pressure of a dishwasher…..

This is what I was taught about washing these. You are probably wondering how you can wash these? Well, I can surely show you!

I fill the sink up with warm/hot water and put dish soap in the sink to get them to soak a bit.

When proceeding to start washing, I prefer a clean wash cloth.

The best effective way to wash. Is I like to turn the bags inside out to get them good and clean on the inside.



I get my wash cloth and start to get these cleaned out.

It’s super easy to clean these. Drying then I usually just lay a towel out on the counter and spread them so they can dry more easily!

Here’s to saving money!!!

3 thoughts on “Reusing Plastic”

  1. I’ve washed and reused before. I’d dry them out with a paper towel and turn them inside out to finish air drying. I don’t like to do it often, but I will if need be. I mostly reuse them for non-food related purposes. That’s better for me. Thank you for the tips!

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