I have started up a YouTube Channel for a purpose of showing a talent I have been doing for the last 12 years about. I love to sing, I play guitar, and write songs. But, I am noticing how difficult it is actually to get my videos in front of everyone.

I thought I had that fan base behind me?turns out, this might be harder than I thought. You know, over the years, I have had people talk me into to do something knew I wasn’t going to last for it. I’ll admit, I fell for everything that anyone ever told. Well, today, that stops, because, I would very much love to be able to get my music out there now. Whether I have my friends SUBSCRIBE to my channel or my family. This YouTube is something that I WANT.

If you want to check out my YouTube Channel, I will leave the link at the bottom of this post!

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There is something about having a creative mind, that why haven’t I used it for this long to try to make something better of myself. So, I have started. Now it is just getting a loyal fan base to keep coming back. It is a very hard road, I may add.

So yes, I love to sing, play guitar, and write songs. I’ve been doing this for about 12 years. I started guitar lessons while I was in high school, and somehow developed writing songs as well. Singing I cannot tell you how that occurred. I never took singing lessons, I think that part just comes natural from having family members who sing as well.

I do sing a lot of country songs, but I grew up listening to country music. However, I have grown into other genres of music growing up, R&B, hip hop, rap, and a lot more. I have learned over many years, you need to have some variety in your life. If you repeatedly to the same thing every day, sooner or later you are stuck in that routine, or that situation, and it makes it harder to get out of it you decide to change course.

We are all given that one chance in life, so why not go after something you want, not what everyone else wants. You are the one who writes their own destiny! Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from chasing something you love. If you seem you don’t have that fan base of friends and family that will push you, venture out into the work somewhere else.

Join Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, any social media platform you can think of! It will not be easy, rest assure! Things take time to build up. But, if you stick with it, and it’s something you love to do, don’t give up! Find your niche, and get to sharing with this world!

Remember, I’ll leave my link to my YouTube Channel if anyone is interested in checking it out.

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Share with your friends and family!

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