Positive Vs Negative

There are side effects you have in your life when you have a certain energy around you. I know this, because I’ve dealt with a lot of negative energy most of my life, or the wrong crowd, or not enough support. For me, I’ve been playing guitar, singing, and writing songs for almost 12 years. I love doing it. I often think about being a singer or at least a writer. Probably why I started blogging, because I love to write.

I am finding ways, being determined to defeat negativity, and over the years it has been the hardest lessons I have ever learned to cope with. Being that I am 29 years old now, it took me years to understand how to have positivity in my life over negativity. We all have our own ways of dealing with this. My ways may differ from yours.

I am in the process of writing an EBook that will be available for purchase for anyone interested.

The power for oneself to seek out more positivity in life, is learning life lessons that have brought you nothing but negative outcomes, pain, and feeling undefeated by others. So what I mean by this, I had a guy in my life who I dated, who was always drank, constantly. Before and after work he would, when he would go on his “four wheel” drives. This relationship only lasted maybe 8 months, mind you. He started calling me crazy, basically I was messed up in the head. He had tormented my little Pomeranian I had at the time.

I mean what kind of guy was this? What did I get myself into?

The night I dumped him, I felt so happy. So much relief, that I knew not to make that mistake again.

Negative- get all the negative away. Wash it down the drain.

I am real excited to be starting my EBook, that will tie into my blog here. Remember-this will be available for purchase when I announce, so be in the look for it! šŸ™‚

Letting positivity in your life, increases your chances of becoming a better person, and leading you to the future you’ve be longing for.

Just recently in 2017, I got into blogging, and the only support I am getting for this, is my awesome boyfriend I have now. He is supporting me of what I am doing. What I intend with my blog, is the chance to meet other bloggers, help others with life difficult challenges they are facing, maybe it’s finical, a life situation.

We have the choice to keep negativity or positivity in our lives, and my EBook will cover everything you will need to know of how to overcome life’s hard decisions. It will also cover my many ways of making money, and saving money.

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