We all have a habit or I know have a few habits, because I’ve personally met a few along the way. So, when we think about a habit, what are we thinking about?

Ok, I am gong to ask this question.

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The question that I am about to ask, how many of you are parents? I’m sure there are a lot. I am not a parent, but, I do have a six year old dog and cat who are my Furbabies. During this blog as I continue here, remember why I asked you. Or just in general, maybe your aiming towards a goal in life you’d like to reach and there is that one thing in life that’s holding you back, and I am going to explain why, because it has been actually working for me. I have seen a real huge improvement yet, but it is slowly changing from what I see.

I have went through a few habits myself over the years, and realized what a stupid idea it was, because I could’ve saved all that money that I spent towards a particular habit I was doing, but this all involved peer pressure as I was growing up, and we all know what peer pressure will do to us, make us do something and either some of us are locked in or done choose not to continue.

I will start my first habit, and I absolutely hate it now to this day. When I first started working, I was still in high school a little bit, Working the weekends, and until I graduated I worked there for nearly 2 years. I was working at a cat shelter at the time, it was probably the most fun job I ever had. Who wouldn’t love that kind of work, working with cats, and helping them find homes. But little did I know, I would meet some “friends”, that by the way, after almost 11 years, we don’t speak to one another, we would make choices that today I wish I would’ve never done none. I can’t say I regret those times, I am nearly an idiot for not starting to save back then, I was 18 at the time, I am now 29. All these years go by, I have my parents that finally see these situations, I am beginning why my parents think the way that they do today about their future. I am still struggling to this day.

Let me get back on track. You are 16, 17, 18, still in high school, you just get your drivers license, and now you are being told by mom and dad, you need a job. That’s the facts of life right? College doesn’t come free, yeah maybe your parents can pay, but no one can pay for it fully, your talking, insurance, car, dorm room, all your books you’ll need. Most college isn’t all funded in that one lump sum… but I am not here to focus on this. What I am talking about, some of us who choose not to go to college, do other dumb things. I know, I’ve done it.

So I am making this blog entry this morning to help steer you, the reader in a new direction.

I was about 17 and working at the cat shelter as I said, and my first habit was, stopping at the gas station to purchase that junk food. All that time my parents had food at the house, but I was too “lazy to pack”. Oh, see now two habits, that can get you into trouble right off the bat. Being lazy and stopping to buy food almost everyday. It’s probably the first thing I can think of that got me to this point today. This is why we make grocery lists to buy food to stock up our homes so we do not have to purchase a $20 meal, that for $20 at Walmart can get you the same for maybe, 7 Days. It’s amazing what budgets can do. Another habit I got into at that time. I picked up smoking. Such a stupid habit to even start, and a waste of my money in my book. It was like $5.00 a pack back then, I can’t imagine how much it costs today. All that cigarette money, could’ve went to gas in my vehicle back then. I have done a lot of bad habits that could’ve saved me so much more money, that I probably could be sitting on a nice little stick pile today in this year of 2018. Anything that is unnecessary spending in my book is considered a habit. Tobacco products, always grabbing fast food, ordering pizza every weekend. These are all considered an unnecessary habit of you are looking to change your life for the better. Find new habits that may get you FREE products, cash back, make a little extra money. Anything!I’m getting into a new habit myself that can earn me FREE product at some point, but in order for me to get free product, I take my time of literally, 5, five, minutes to review a certain product. Disclaimer- I am not sponsored by this app, I am literally doing this for no extra money. Just simply telling you about this product, but I do have a referral link for you to join if you are interested in learning more. This app is called, Influenster. You can download this app on your phone at no cost, and like any other app, your basic information is needed, name, address, birthday, so when they notice you are a good fit for product to send you, hence why the basic information when signing up. Start off by selecting the categories that interest you, make up, travel, food, drink, ect. Start off by doing a product review on something you love, or you don’t really like. These companies want our feedback on product so they can make things better. It does take a lot of HARD work on this app. You have to be very active in order to start receiving ANY free product from them. But that is how this life works, is working hard for something. Things aren’t just handed to you, remember that! 🙂So, what habit will you try to break for the year of 2018? What new habit will you try to better yourself for this year of 2018. Leave your comments on this post. Share, and let’s get this year going great!My Influenster referral if you decide to join this app.

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