Easy Sunday Morning

Who doesn’t love a Sunday? I enjoy them. Nothing to worry about, however I worry about my blog. I love to write, so I get on here everyday that I can.

I’d love to ask this question, especially to all you ladies out there. Who doesn’t love free products? I know I love getting free things. What if I told you there was a way you can earn free product? Maybe makeup and hair products? Well there is a way! If you are interested in learning more, then keep on reading this post. šŸ™‚

Yes, I said free. But, here is the thing if free product, you have to earn it. How do you earn free product, you ask? Well sit right on back and let me explain.

If you have the Internet, maybe an iPhone or an Android, keep listening here. There is is website/app you can go to/download on your phone from your App Store for completely free. This app is called Influenster. This is an app you can review products that you use, rate them, and give your honest feedback. This can be from pet products, food, hair, makeup, skin care, drinks, anything you may use in your household. Search for your product on the app as give your honest feedback about the product you use.

I will let you know this, you do not absolutely have to give any credit card or bank information for this.

When you download the app or go to the website to sign up, it is simple. They do ask your normal questions when signing up, name, age, address, how many people live in your household. That normal information. The address is for when they would send you free product.

So, what does it take to get any free product? You have to be very active on the app, link your social media’s to the app, you earn points on, join in on the contests they have. Keep reviewing any and all product. This does take a little work, but if you have those 5 minutes to sit down and be on the app, it’s worth it.

When you do receive what Influenster calls a voxbox. This would be your free product you earned through the app, they ask in return for a review on what they sent you. Basically Influenster sends makeup and hair products for you to review.

So, what’s stopping you with this? Come on give it a try. I will leave my referral link here for this app if you consider to join.

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