Finding your Niche

I have done so much research throughout the years of trying to find my place in this life. Wondering why I kept jumping from job to job. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted throughout life. I never went to college after graduating high school. I was working at a local cat shelter while in high school, that was at least something I absolutely truly loved working. It was about getting to see those adult cats getting that second chance in life with the right human that adopted them. Seeing a newborn kitten open their eyes for the first time. Fall in love with that bottle fed kitten. Oh that job was so rewarding. The problem with that job, I knew it wasn’t going to pay enough in the long run and with the constant change of employees and volunteers, it was time to move on.

I am not proud of all the jobs I’ve held throughout 12 years. Like I’m going to cover in this post, it’s all about finding your niche. What are you meant to do? What do you feel you are for the purpose in this life? There are those few questions that you want to ask yourself. I even ask myself these questions everyday yet. I have a full time job right now, I have been with this company for about almost two years, (this coming August of 2018 will be two years of being here). I still often ask myself, “is this a path I want to keep going on?” Everyday I miss those days of spending time with my dog. I most days hate it that I haven’t been around for the first six years of his life, and I would give up anything to spend the rest of his life at home, one way or another.

I do not have any kids, so he is my child. Along with his crazy brother,

This two boys mean everything to me, and trying to find that niche I’ve been searching for, for many years, I believe I have found it. Now I look for ideas to put this on front of others so they can find this, because I am actually enjoying blogging, so I can help others in any situation they might be in.

I blog about, work, home, and life. Whether it is a topic about money, finding ways to have more time at home, or a situation that I’ve been through to help others overcome a similar one. That’s why I blog. I don’t want this just for the money, however one day, I’d love to see all my hard work into my blog turn into something better, but I know this will most definitely take time at, growing it, and doing all the research I possibly can to succeed at this.

That’s what “finding your niche” is all about to me. Finding what you love, what you have a act for, and research all you can to help you grow something out of it. Whether it a hobby or a career path!

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