Clean Your Closet- For Money!


I am not sponsored for this post!

This blog post will be a little more direct to you women out there this morning, because it is always a great time to be SPRING ClEANING, if you ask me.

I’m talking about your clothes that we all seem to accumulate over the years and we always seem to have more than the men out there! I know, all of us ladies can be in denial with this topic, I know, I’ve been there. But, let’s face it together! We all can do this from time to time. How many of you ladies have so much clothing accumulated in your closet that some might now got you due to, having a kid, or it fit you at 22, and now your 29 and it won’t seem to fit. How about have you lost weight?

I am so guilty of all these questions!

I started renovating my house in October of 2017. I needed to start getting rid of everything so I didn’t have furniture or clothes in my way so I can paint and redo the rooms. I started with my closet first to clean out everything so it would be easier to move!

I was told to donate my clothes to the local Goodwills and Salvation Army’s, but in the back of my mind, I never grew up on donations, I worked and still work and pay for everything I have. So instead I wanted to sell my clothes that I knew I no longer wore for money to actually pay for the supplies to get for my house to start fixing it.

I joined every group on Facebook I could to sell on, I tried a free other apps like, OfferUp and LetGo, only to be frustrated with people who either wanted something for free or me to deliver. I gave up.

I tried EBay as well. I kept searching and searching for anyway to actually make some money off of my clothes.

The only way you learn about anything new is by searching the Internet!

Along the lines of searching, I was seeking out a lot on YouTube for my searches on any way to make money and as well Pinterest! This is how I ended up learning about

Three up is this app you can download on your phone or open in your browser on your computer.

When you first download, you will want to set up an account with them, it’s your basic information like anything else.



Phone number


If you have kids

Because the coolest thing about ThredUP is they take Women’s and kids clothes, along with jewelry and shoes.

So if you have kids, and need to clean out their closets as well, this would be a great idea!

After you have completed sign up through thredUP, you can choose from three different clean out kits.

For me, I chose the FREE Standard Bag.

It’ll take about 2-3 weeks for your clean out bag to show up. So don’t get discouraged!

Once receiving your clean out bag, fill it up with the clothes you want to get rid of. When sending it back, reminder, it does take the same amount of time to send back, 2-3 weeks.

The process for ThredUP for going through your bags you send takes roughly a month for them.

Oh, may I mention, ThredUP will take name brand clothes! I sent off clothes I got from Walmart, Target, Old Navy, JCPenny, you name it. There are those few they won’t accept, again don’t get disappointed. There are s lot of good and bad points with ThredUP.

The entire process for me, it took about 4 months until I finally received payment. Which for three bags of clothes I sent off, and this was around closer to the holidays, I can understand they might have been backed up.

The payout wasn’t much, but still enough for me to be happy. Sending three bags of used clothes, I got $50. I think was worth it!

Oh, you can also choose the option of method of payout. You can choose the Visa gift card, or keep the money in your account to get a ThredUP box sent to you!

I have yet to try a ThredUP box!

I chose the gift card payment.

If you are needing to start cleaning out your closet this year, I Highly recommend checking out ThredUP! I will leave my referral link here in my post!

Check out thredUP, the web’s largest selection of like-new designer looks at up to 90% off retail. It’s also the easiest way to clean out your closet by ordering a Clean Out Kit. Use my link for $10 off!

If you are looking for some great new clothing for yourself the Spring Season,

Check out,

Livilu Boutique today!

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