Valentines Day

Oh January is almost over, and soon we will be in the month of February. That means Valentine’s Day will be around the corner too! Every year I see, this day seems like it’s a record for someone to break year after year. First year it’s a card, next year is a fancy diner, and every year we seem to be spending more and more.

This year I plan to save money, and just spend time with my loved one instead of buying something to show my love. This holiday is never about competition, never about the gifts. It’s all about that time well spent with each other.

However, there are ideas if you need a gift, you can most certainly make one if you have a crafty side to you.

If you are wanting to make a gift instead of buying, consider these ideas.

If you have computer paper laying around your house, here’s a few ideas you can do.

Grab paper, some crayons, or colored pencils, markers.

Make your own card, with your own words on it.

You can grab scissors and cut a heart shape out of paper and color it red.

There is always a difference means on Valentines Day to say that “I love you”.

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