Good Morning Saturday

This is a good morning for some reason on a Saturday. Well for one it’s Saturday! Two, I wake up to my two little boys, my size year old Golden Retriever, and my cat. These two are always something in the morning. 🙂 good entertainment if you ask me!

As we all know, by now, or maybe you are new to my blog.

I am a proud Furbaby Momma. I have a dog and cat. I am not married, but do have an amazing boyfriend. I have no children either. So my blog isn’t your normal “mom blog”. I see a lot of them, and I think that is great for anyone woman out there who may soon be a mom one day, but some of us out in the work may not ever get that chance.

So, my blog is about work, Home , and life. I like to show you all how I’ve dealt with things in my past, I work full time currently in the construction business, (so if I have any ladies out there who do any type of construction, follow my blog, like, comment and share). I enjoy blogging, I got into this 2017 in June, and really have taken it every day to post. I like to also post money making ideas and saving money, thats where this would fall under work as well!

I let you know how my dog and cat are doing, and things I try to do at home to make things easier on anyone! As well as talk about life events I’ve went through that have got me to where I am today and to make me a better person in life!

I set goals for myself this year in 2018. I want to lose weight and as well save money and make a little extra money. So as I go about my journey this year, I will be letting you all know how I do, right here on my blog! So that if you decide to try something I have shared, it’ll be posted here in a blog post. (Please check out my past blog posts as well)

Remember, everything takes a lot of hard work. Believe me, I wish things were handed to you, but it wouldn’t be called that American Dream, now would it?

Hard work in its self, pays off in the end. So keep pushing,

I have started my blog with the intention of helping others, and growing a group of friends. I hope to see this in the year of 2018.

People who have similar interests like me, work in construction, hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, you name it! Anything I’ll try once.

Having the friends I had while I was younger, and knowing they are moms now, makes it hard for me to connect with others.

So my plan is as well, to make new friends!

I encourage anyone to follow me as well on social media!

Twitter- @Cjjbblgr0688123

Let’s all grow, make some goals this year!

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