Social Media Counts

It was a very rough day today as I couldn’t seem to come together on anything. Dealing with my house that I’m trying to finish up so I can put it up for sale. Not understanding why I couldn’t get the help once again to get things finished.

I’m having such a hard time lately not finding the right people to surround myself with it’s difficult.

I have no children, I’m not married. I have however an awesome dog and cat. I have no girl friends really. They either are mothers who stay at home. They might work in the health care business. I work in construction. I have the interest for the outdoors, hunting and fishing, ect.

How to find the right people with similar interests and goals in mind is the most difficult path I’ve ever been on in life. That’s why being social is hard at times for me because I have no common interests with people I’ve grown up with over the years.

So I must break free from this!

I Believe it is just FINE to do so.

I want people in my life who have a set of goals they want to reach, who are positive thinkers, who aren’t negative about things. Who are willing to always help out like me.

I’ve dealt with quite a few people in the past who I’ve ended up helping several times, only to understand they weren’t there when I need it in return. That’s when you learn as well, they weren’t a great asset in your life to begin with.

My goal here, especially with blogging and being on social media, is to grow a fan of followers behind me who are wanting that positive change in their life. Who are those type of people who give help and help back.

I do not by donating things.

What I mean, help a buddy move out of their house, return the favor of helping with a project the other one has.

That’s how you grow a bond with others. I’ve never gotten that chance over the years, I’d like to know what the feeling is of two people helping each other in any situation either of them are in.

This evening, I’d like to share some of my social media with you all if you’d wish to follow!

Twitter- @Cjjbblgr0688123

Please, come follow if you wish, let’s grow together and help boost each other!

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