Making the Most Out of Your Day

Have you ever had one of those days, where you had an issue that you need to take care of, maybe it had something to do with your car, cell phone, shopping for something in particular?

So, let’s say your cell phone was acting goofy and you need to run to your cell phone provider whoever that maybe. Where I live, it’s a drive anymore to get to your destination, almost an hour to a place. Well, you make the drive all the way there. Finally walk into the store. Tell them your issue, only to be told, “you can do it online”.


Now let me back this up. I won’t go into detail with this. I have an Apple iPhone through a very common very known one of the cell phone providers, AT&T. I have always been an Android person for many years and had Verizon before. But, in an event that I was in a few years ago, caused me to switch to AT&T and to this IPhone I currently use. I have now had this iPhone for nearly two years, and I must say, I am not a fan of this. I am most definitely an Android person through and through. Anywho.

I was dealing with an issue on my phone that I thought with Apple or AT&T store could be able to help me out. I traveled my way down to the busy area to these two stores. Now before hand, I was trying myself on the website and trying to call Apple customer support to handle this before I had to make it to the store. Truthfully I was not getting anywhere. I never talked to a person on the phone! That’s why my decision to drive to the stores was in order.

When I finally get to the mall, I walked looking for the Apple store, but to my knowledge, I found it was in the other part f the mall, to drive around again (oooopppps hahahaha 🤣🤣). I personally didn’t know this, I barely go shopping anymore and everything has been changing).

When I get to the Apple store, I am overwhelmed with the amount of people that are in there.

Really? Like this many people, on a Saturday for Apple? This is crazy!

I had no idea the process of talking to someone, I am standing for five minutes before a sales person comes to me and asks me if I need help. So I tell him my situation I had during the week about my phone and such. He then totally understands, but then to finally tell me, that the store doesn’t really tend to this issue, calling customer support takes care of this.

What? Like I told you my problem, told you I couldn’t get a hold of customer support over the phone, that’s why I can here!

It was very upsetting to hear this. So I left the Apple store, upset and disappointed from what I heard. I drive over to the AT&T store, and was told almost the same thing. I couldn’t believe what I heard. My thoughts as I left were, well why are these stores even in existence if you can take care of your own phone on your own? This was where my head started turning. Have a lot of you noticed that malls are closing? Stores have been shutting down?

Why is this? Because the internet has and is taking over everything that we are doing. By making a purchase through Amazon it’s more convenient and time saving to do so than taking a day, wasting gas and looking for the product in store only to understand at times why it’s not in stock there. The Internet is becoming more and more popular that one day stores will be closed for good in my beliefs. There are some many ways to earn money online today as well and also through your cell phones through many apps!

Well, making the most out of my day dealing with what I did, I am now on high gear everyday making my way through this internet marketing world, finding ways to become more and more in network marketing.

I also got Reese’s peanut butter cups and an ice tea yesterday on top of this day!

Make the most out of your day!

So, I challenge anyone else who speaks with situations like this one. To rethink of things and ways and ideas of how to make your life easier in the future. To not get upset over something you cannot control. In the end, things will be fine. 😊.

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