Another Monday-Another Week

I’m sure of it, that every girl out there imagines of dreaming that one day, she will have that man in her life that’ll give her the option of staying at home and being that house wife, or stay at home mom. I know I imagine it one day. Everyday I wake up and dream I get that life. After having a mother who stay at home my whole life and now my sister in law does the same, I really wish I get that life one day.

Most days it’s hard to get up anymore because of my dream that one day this will happen to me. All my classmates I have arched them all get married right after high school, have families. Yet, I was working in high school, yet after high school. 22 bought my own house, and now here I am today at 29, still no marriage, no family of my own.

I was dating people through my time frame there. Just seemed that those guys back then never seemed to be the right one. Every guy I dated, now looking back just seemed so irresponsible, and probably thought they would get to move into my house that I worked for very hard and just sponge off of me. That’s exactly how it felt to me.

I finally did meet that one guy then in 2017, that knows my dreams, and pushes me to strive to get there and supports me. I started blogging in 2017 for that dream adventure of bringing myself home, my blog would consist of work, home, and life topics that I would share with others to help them out with any situation that they would be in.

In this life, things take a lot of work to accomplish your dreams.

My ultimate goal here is, I want to see my blog take off, after all the work I out into this, by helping others understand how this life works, giving my readers ideas of making extra money from home, how you can save money, ideas so you can make money from home. I love to research these steps. Because I’m the end, it’s hard work that I am putting into my blog to share all of my ideas with you how I am able to pull through from any situation I’ve been in.

I see it everyday on my social media of how someone is struggling. So, I’m here, let me help you by steering you in a few directions.

We all have a Dream in mind that we would all love to have to have. Mine is definitely to stay at home one day and work from home. I feel like this is my calling , but I know I will have to put all my effort into what I want in order to achieve this dream.

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