Make Money From Home

When it comes to making money, there are lots of ideas to do such thing. You can get the traditional job, working 9-5, and there’s is nothing wrong with that idea ever! Work is work no matter how you look at it. I should know this, I work full time in construction!

However, did you know there are ways to work from home? I have been doing so much research the past five years of wanting to make money from home or just a little extra side income while I work full time. The list can go on from making money.

You can make money by simply anything you set your mind to, but in this blog post I will go over a few ways that I know personally that can help you get started. Most of the ideas can definitely be done just by using your smart phone device! So sit on back and get ready to learn of these greats ways of earning money!

Did you know that you smart phone device can now be an essential to your everyday life? There are multiple applications that you can download on your smartphone to earn extra money, gift cards, or even free products!

It is purely amazing the different apps that you can get on your phone do to such this task! I will set a list here and then explain each one for you and leave a referral link for if you’d like to try any of these apps out!

Apps to download from your App Store!





Cash For Steps

InboxDollars is definitely an app that I would recommend anyone else giving this a try!

You can definitely sign up for free! They ask you basic information when signing up,

Your name

Address(where they’d send your money to)

Phone number


How many people reside in your home.

Your age

Nothing too extreme! You can even sign up using your Facebook!

The reason they ask this basic information is to be able to match you better with surveys that you can earn a few cents to even a few dollars from! So don’t be hesitant about this! It is totally safe!

After you’ve signed up, your going to to go to your email to confirm your profile, then after doing so you’ll get $5.00 added to your account! I think that’s worth it in my book!

Afterwards you can start taking the surveys they will have offered to you.

You can watch short videos for a few cents.

You can take advantage of the offers that they have to offer as well to earn some cash.

You can even refer others to sign up!

Here is my referral code if you are wanting to try this app out!

The next app you can give a try is called Swagbucks!

Swagbucks is somewhat similar to InboxDollars.

You sign up using your basic information



Phone number

Your age


Once you’ve signed up, confirm your account and you will receive $5.00 automatically in your account.

Now Swagbucks is a little different than Inbox on earning rewards. Instead of cash, you are earning points to redeem them for gifts cards. Which in my book, gift cards or cash I will take any day!

With Swagbucks, you can

Take surveys

Watch short videos

Refer others

If you are wanting to try out Swagbucks, here is my referral code for that!

Next in this list is an app called, Shopkick!

Here is the best way I can explain this app!

Want to check out Shopkick? Here is my referral code to sign up!


Next up on our list of apps is Verydice.

With verydice you sign up using your Facebook account. After signing up, you will get rolls to roll dice to earn points to put towards free products. You can refer your friends as well!

Want to check out Verydice, here is my referral code!


Last but not least on our list is an app called

Cash For Steps

Cash For Steps is an app you simply download on your device. Link this with your health app on your phone, and it tracks your steps as you go. Also, they added on a few other ways you can earn! You can check in daily on the app, share on Facebook and on Twitter!

So, there is always ways to make money, however you wish to choose. This is just a few ways you can earn.

Give some of these money making ideas a try today!!

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