Valentine’s Day-day 1

This year, what will Valentine’s day mean to you? Will it mean, spending the time with your loved one? Going out to dinner? Spending a ton of money on each other? We all know this special day falls through the week this year, so it can make it harder for most couples to spend time with each other this year. Most will have to work on this holiday.

This year my loved one and I made the promise to not go all out on this day. Being that Christmas and birthdays have past, we both know it’s never about the gifts on any given day of the year. These holidays are meant to cherish that time wisely with who is in your life. Times have gotten harder, each day is a struggle for most, and everything gets harder as the days go by.

This year for this holiday, I’m planning on giving away items that I want to just simply get rid of, and that I want to say thanks to any and all my readers out there, who do take that time to read my blog posts.

I have some Avon samples I’d love to part with

Some iPhone accessories

And a few other freebies I plan to rid of this year, because I am feeling that mood this year.

I want my readers to keep enjoying coming back to my blog this year! So why not have some fun with This?

I have 5


Samples of this Avon ANEW AHA Refining Cream, that I am wanting to get rid of.

I am looking out for this however,

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