Budget Beauty

This post will be geared more towards you ladies out there. As you all know, I’m a proud furbaby momma, I work full time in construction, and currently on the road to financial freedom, saving money, making extra money. I blog about work, home, and life topics. I started blogging in 2017, and hope my blog really takes off. The reason I blog- I’ve been through a lot the past 10 years, and wish to now share my life events with anyone who is struggling. Today, my post will about about beauty, being on a budget with makeup. Growing up, I never got into make while in school. Actually my senior prom, 2006, my sister did my make up. That is actually the first time I believe I ever wore any makeup. Afterwards I never still got into wearing, but little by little as the years went on. I got into it more and more. Today however is more difficult than ever to keep buying all that make up. I see so many trying Dollar Tree makeup and other make up avenues, to not spend so much on beauty. Now that I am in that category of trying to spend wisely on items I need VS. a want, I’ve cut back significantly on my makeup use, ONLY to use when I need. The make up line I’ve used now myself personally has been Maybelline. Let me show you the difference here, Very little on foundation I use. I use both the liquid and powder Fit Me Foundations. For me, I do not wear much makeup when I go to work being I work in construction I swear it off so much. My make up can last me up to about 2-3 months for usage. My make routine starts like this; As you see I do have two different shades here, yeah, when winter comes around, I am pale, and I do not tan in the summer, I burn. So makeup me for is hard. So here I start with, the Fit Me liquid, Matte & Poreless foundation. Now, I have tried both Normally to Oily, and the Dry. For me, it depends on the time of the year, either Winter of Summer. I then go for my powder, From here, I chose either two of my eye shadows, To putting on some eyeliner and mascara Oh, yes, let’s not forget some lip gloss! So, as you see from this look, To this, I enjoy finding ideas to being on a budget with my beauty products. I’ve recently signed up for an app called Influenster! This is for both Android and IPhone users, so I definitely say, do download this app! I have a referral link for any of you ladies who would be interested! This app is FREE to download, Sign up either email or Facebook. Name Address Email Age You know basic information. Link up all your social media to your Influenster account. Once you’ve completed sign up, start reviewing any and all products you use, from make up, hair, pet, food, beverage, etc. Stay active on the app, you can potentially earn FREE product from them. A xoxox! In return, they ask you for your reviews on products. It is that simple! So, if you are looking to start saving on your Beauty, come check out Influenster! Here is my Referral link I am giving away five FREE samples of Avon Refining Cream!. If you, Like this post, Leave a comment on this post (leave a way for me to contact you) And please share this post, or my blog in general Either Pinterest Twitter Facebook I’d love to get rid of these 5 samples!!!! My gift to you for helping my blog grow!!!!!! Also follow me on Pinterest- Twitter- @Cjjbblgr0688123 Instagram- Don’t forget, Like Comment Share

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