Saturday-Cold but Beauty

No filter needed for this morning. As always, we have six more weeks of Winter yet to go, and Spring will be here before we know it. I love the Spring and Fall months. They are always my favorite times of the year. I do not know what it is that makes me enjoy these two seasons more out of the year. Spring, I love the pretty colors of the flowers that bloom, and that the farmers get ready to farm. Spring gives off that farm smell that I love.

When Fall rolls around, I enjoy the leaves the change color in the mountains, the fun activities of Halloween, hay rides, wearing leggings and cute sweaters and Ugg boots. Yeah my two favorite seasons are Spring abd Fall for those reasons I mentioned.

Things have not been the same for me the past few years. 2016, began an adventure I never saw coming. I was always ahead on the game of life. Had a great savings stacked up, I had it going. Just, some life event that got me trapped though, sent me to a deep dark hole since, and I am still in this to thus day.

I want to be able to enjoy life again!

Finances have been a major part for me, not being able to enjoy things I love the past two years. I am currently putting my house up for sale I have had for seven years, to maybe hope this will help boost my bank account. Not stopping at Fast Food places anymore, stopped other habbits that I felt weren’t the best money wise.

This year I plan a lot of changes for my future.

I made a challenge to myself this year to become DEBT FREE. I plan to take ANY steps necessary to do so. I do not want creditors and banks calling me for money any longer.

There are lots of ways that I am personally trying out to change my coursecof life and I have had the looks given to me for one particular adventure I choose to take this path to help me gain my financial road back. Are you ready for this?

That is right folks! I saddle up my dog, get him ready for a walk, grab some bags, gloves, and collect cans. Its a challenge in the Winter time of course, but I manage yet to get out. Plus, this helps me clean up our environment!

I must say, you will NOT get rich off of this, trust me! However, want to kill to birds with one stone?

I downloaded an app on my phone, which is for both Android and IPhone users, called, Achievement. This app keeps track of your activity walking. When you reach, 10,000 point, you will receice a gift card!.

How cool is this, that today, we can LITERALLY make money from our smartphone devices?!

I never dreamed of this idea!

I am ready to change my furture for the better. I want to be able to enjoy the seasons like I used to. Not have to worry about,

Will I have enough in my bank account next week?

It is time to start new adventures, the future is changing, you shoukd too!

I am giving away an Iphone case, for Iphone 6 Plus/6s Plus! It is in used condition, but was very well taken care of!

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