Blogging is Like Song Writing

When you think of blogging, what comes to mind to you? Is it something you enjoy doing? Are you into it for making a career out of it? Are you just in it for the extra income?

There are a lot of factors when it comes to the world of blogging. I have read many other blogs, researched about this, and started bloghing myself. It really intriqued me, and so many other blogs have inspired me, that I wanted to go this route of writing.

You hear the phrase, what is your niche, or, what are you passionate about, when it comes to blogging or any field of work.

I have quite a few things I am very passionate about. My dog and my cat. I love to set a life goal with my other half of living off the grid. Getting my current house sold. Become great in the world of Network Marketing, meet new people. Have a great blog that will inspire others to join my journey. Help others who may struggling. Thats why I enjoy blogging.

You know…….

When I was in high school, I never really knew what I wanted to do when I got out. I was working at our local cat shelter, and it brought me so much joy every day, because I got to see so many cats, it made me happy when one would get addopted. I had fostered many myself. Animals are and will always be a passion in my eye.

I have a golden retriever and a cat to this day. That is why I consider myself a very Proud Furbaby Momma.

While in high school, I decided to take up guitar lessons. I picked that up so well, and enjoyed it, I somehow made myself start writing songs. (This is where my writing for blogging comes in to this day).

Oh, did I have fun with that. My first song I wrote in high school while sitting in Chemistry class, which I still have to this day, called, I Got a Crush on You.

Of course when I wrote this I had a crush on a guy. I often wondered what would my life be like today if I wouldve continued down that path.

Writing in general for me is very therapeutic. It helps me to remember what I have been through, to be able to not go down the same road I have been on.

My blogging niche, I enjoy talking about;

Work- just finding ways to make money, save money, helping others who are in need of a different challenge.

Home- you know not every home is the same.

Life- in general events I was in and hope that this blog falls in front of someone who is struggling in life the way I do.

Blogging to me is like writting a song. We all have that playlist of songs that is our go to in the time of need in our life to make us feel something, and gives us that inspiring message saying, in one way, things will be ok.

Even though I do not play guitar much or write songs, I will continue to write in my blog, because it is what I love.

Writing in general is an art, it takes time and patience for one to become real good at. It is a niche in itself that takes a lot of time, work, and effort to see end results.

My dream one day is to see my blog really take off. Get so many reactions from different people. I think that wiuld be amazing to watch this grow like this, and hope that it helps someone else in similar situations I have been through in life.

So, ask yourself before you get into any niche.

What am I doing this for?

My answer to myself;

I blog for these two critters, and for my other boys that have crossed the Raindbow Bridge. I want a better life for them in the end. They will always come first in my life, no matter hiw much work I have to endure to make their lives much better, it is a risk and challenge I am willibg to take.

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1 thought on “Blogging is Like Song Writing”

  1. Blogging is a self-expression, to me, but at the same time, I’m hoping to make money from it so I’ve been organizing my blog posts now. I hope it’ll work. Great post, btw. 😊

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