Females in A Male Dominated Field

Most times, I feel alone, out of everyone I went to school with(especially girls) I feel like I am the only one working in a make dominated field; construction.

Now, I want to throw this out there. I am never saying, any type of job is hard for any female, whether you are a mom, work in a nursing home, retail, warehouse. I will not put any of those down, but females in construction, it is a rather different life and a challenging one at that!

Grab your hard hats, safety shoes, vests, ear protection, and eye wear. We are goinb on a tour here of, A Female in construction.

Now, let me back track here a bit, on how I got into this industry.

I grew up with my mother who was a stay at home mom, my dad working in construction, I was the oldest out of three kids, my sister being two years younger, my brother being four years younger than me. Growing up, thats the life that any girl dreams of, that’d they, one day, would end up like their mother, finding that guy, and having that “perfect” lifestyle. (I put perfect in quotations for a reason, and it’ll make sence here in a bit).

I never once realized that come my high school years, more so my senior year, that I would work. I mean, I understood why, it taught us a lesson growing up. Still, in the back of my mind, I always thought, I would end up like my mother. To this day, it still hasn’t happened.

I worked right after high school and still work to this day. I was 22 when I bought my first house. I never went off to college after high school. Really didn’t have a sence of direction what I wanted to do. I enjoyed a lot. Worked at a cat shelter, retail, I was about 21 when I first got into warehouse. That job I was able to buy my first home. I also learned how to drive tractor trailers there, so I can manoeuvre 53′ high way trailers around.

Somehow thought construction just seemed like a better route for me. When I was little, dad wouod take us kids to the job sites, you know, take your kid to work day. Yeah, I was always excited for those days, because I loved being around heavy equipment.

I never actually got into construction life until the year, 2012 or so. I got into working in a rock quarry. I started driving a 75 ton CAT haul truck. I wasn’t there too long. (See, I have dated so many guys, that promised me the world only to find out they were looking at me to take care of their butt because I have the house).

Think again boys, learn your roll with any girl, in that perfect life, it is your job to take of your future soul mate if you want kids with her one day.

It has been so hard for me to find my place in this life. Here I am at the age of 29, and yes I do want that life like any other woman out there may have. I want that dream of staying at home now.

However, the reason I am in construction is this. I see that in today’s world, not every home gets to have that “picture perfect”, the guy works and the woman stays at home. A loaf of bread today costs aboit $3.00 any more, not $0.50.

I have learned not to rely on anyone for help. Have learned to travel for my job to make ends meet. Let’s face it, where I live, there isn’t much opportunity to grow. Oh, do I get the looks that I am crazy for what I do? You bet it I do. I even get the girls who tell me, I couldn’t do what you do.

I havs news for any of you ladies out there who may be reading this. If you have any doubt you can handle something. Come talk to me and I can assure you, my life hasn’t been easy, nor has it turned out like I wanted it to.

Yes you can!

If you can call yourself a mom, a wife, work, blog just like I do, you can most certainly work in the field I work in.

I started blogging with my whole heart of intentions that I want to help others when they need something of a new direction. Sharing my life events so that in hopes that my blog can help other women out like myself knowing you can do anything in this life, and knowing that we are strong in this life to get through anything that comes our way.

I work in construction to stay tough and strong when life throws me for a loop.

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