Women in Construction

I see many other blogs, similar in the same aspect.

Mom blogs

Make money blogs

Beauty blogs

Blogging to make money

These are allways great to read, but, does anyone do anything different out there? Especially ladies?

Any welders, machine operators, truck drivers, construction workers? Bring something NEW to the table for other women to read so they don’t feel like they are alone.

Finding your niche

As I mentioned many times before in previous blogs, I blog about work, home, and life.

I am a very proud furbaby mother, hince why my site is called,

My dog and my cat are as close to children as I will ever have in my life (this is another post later to my readers to understand why).

I work full time in construction.

I drive an off road articulated, and help out another department here.

My job can be very rewarding.

I started blogging with the intentions, of helping others, especially women out there. I have been through a lot of situations that have brought me to where I am today. Letting other women know that they can do anything they set their mind to.

A few people have told me I have a thing for writing and I should express about I work in the construction field, (not many women do).

We are stronger than we think.

I have met women who have said to me, I couldn’t do what you do.

The truth is, we can do anything a man can do, plus some!.

If you can give birth, you can work in any line of work!

I have only ever met two other females in my life who worked in this male dominated field. I can’t say this is an easy career choice for anyone, male or female. There are a lot of sacrifices you have to make if you chose to work in this line of work.

The benefits of construction life.

-You get to travel to different areas of the state you live in, or another state at times, depending on the construction company and the areas they cover.

-You will get to meet new people every job site, you may think you’ll know everyone in the company, but you will always meet someone new, and thay is awesome.

There are some downfalls.

-You sacrafice seeing your family. But, if you wake up every morning and think to yourself, you are making a great living for your furure and your family’s future. (I say this to myself a lot).

-Weather can play a factor in your job. Some weeks you may not get a full week of work because of rain, or snow.

This is why a lot of people, men and women, may have a second job to fulfill the construction industry they are in.

In any job there is ups and downs. You have to take things as they come, and make life great.

Not every woman is the same in this world. We are all different and unique in our own ways.

I love seeing other women making their way in life in any career they choose to be in. It is amazing what we women can handle.

When I first looked into this blogging adventure, every blog would talk about finding your niche. Find what you ultimately want to do in this, be who you want to be in this life. You only live once. Don’t make other’s happy, make yourself happy. Follow your own path, don’t follow other’s.

I also see so many blogs out there that preach the same thing, beauty, mom life, travel. I am ready to find other bloggers out there that blog about something different. Bring something new and exciting to the blogging world.

I fell in love with blogging and now the more I write in my blog, the more I see how much hope I can bring to many other women out there.

I hope out of tjis blogging adventure I can bring joy and hope to other’s out there.

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2 thoughts on “Women in Construction”

  1. Aww Iā€™m a forever cat mom. My fur babies are my kids. Unfortunately my last one passed away in 2015. She (my cat Dusty) inspired my pet/art blog so I feel ya! Byren and Remington are cutie pies. You may want to check out Blogpaws. They are awesome community of pet/lifestyle bloggers. šŸ˜‰


  2. Aww I feel ya. I’m a forever cat mom at heart. I lost my last cat Dusty in 2015. She inspired my petloss/art/inspiration blog called Impurrfectlife. I feel ya. Bryen and Remington are cuties! You may find like mined folks in Blogpaws community. They are pet lifestyle bloggers too. šŸ™‚

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