Life of A Single Working Girl

It is Wednesday, and that means I am looking forward to the week being over with. It is so tiring for me everyday what I do, do get to a better life, than what I had for the last 10 years.

I thought by now I would be married and settled down with someone.

For a lot of women, they are lucky like this to be at much age, 29, married, have kids. Not some of us though.

However, being that I am not a stay at home wife/mom means I have something different to bring to the blogging world; A woman who works, saves money on her own income, tries to find ways to make extra money, while trying to balance her home life as well.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, all those mom blogs are great, information for new mom’s, but, not every woman is a mom or will get to become one.

The traveling blogs are awesome, very informative for when you want to plan a vacation in the future. However, I see a lot of these blogs as well.

Yes, I am a single woman, who works 60+ hours a week just to keep ahead. This has not been an easy roller coaster ride last maybe 5 years for me. I started working when I was about 16-17 years old. Having a mom growing up who stayed at home, I really thought that would be my life.

Still has yet to happen, I haven’t even been engaged yet!

It truly is a different life when you are single and having to rely on yourself to support your future. You have to think smarter than the average person these days, because you do not have most of the time a that second income, or, that man making enough to support himself and you.

I so not know if there are other women in my position, but to have a better understanding of this lifestyle, I can explain from my point of view of being on my own since I was 18, and maybe guide others who are very young yet, to take my advice to help you in the future.

There are so many ways I wish I knew that I would’ve started these ideas to help me to this day instead of being in the hole I am in now.

I never knew the power of a smart phone until the year 2014. Did you know that our smartphone can help you make that little extra cash every month? I never knew the power of these devices could help enough to pay your rent for one month!

There are a quite a few apps you can download on your phone to actually earn a few extra dollars or gift cards for that matter! These apps I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to save money, or make extra cash!

Disclaimer- I am not sponsored by any of these ideas. And you will NOT get rich off of these few ideas.


Here is my Referral link to sign up for anyone willing try this one

This app is simple to use, and a great one to make a few extra dollars. When you sign up, they ask for your basic I formation, name, age, address, occupation (this information is so, that they can match you with the right surveys to take). Now, not every survey you will qualify for unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try :).

There are also emails that you can get paid to read, and it is about $0.02 for each email. There are offers you can sign up with, you can also search the web through InboxDollars.

If you love to play games, this is one fo r you too and get paid as well. As well as shop online.

You can also refer others (which I left my Referral code for you)

This app is for BOTH Android and Iphone users, and you can do this from your computer.

Sign up and get $5.00 in your account!


Swagbucks is similar, however you earn points to put towards cashing out on gifts.

Check out Swagbucks! I use it to get free gift cards! Click my link to join:

Sign up and receive $5.00

Take surveys

Watch video clips

Participate in polls

Search the web

Shop online

For any single person it can be extremely tough to do everything on your own.

It is smart to always start young in life and save later. I have learned the hard way when I was younger, but it is never too late to change the future.

You are the key to your future.

I have always seemed to blame everyone in my past for the way my life is today. Unfortunately I learn, that you cannot blame others, only yourself because you let it happen when you did have total control over any situation.

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