Fixing your Finances- Like Fixing a House

For me, being a homeowner since 2010, it has definitely taught me lessons over the years that I surely will do now, I only wish I would’ve known this sooner.

I wouldn’t be in the hole where I am today, that is for sure

Fixing this house, is a learning process to fixing my finances.

It truly is if you sit down and think about this with me. I was young when I bought my house, (22, and not many 22 year old females can say they bought their first home by themselves!) It took all my savings to close on the house but I managed to work all the hours I could to get more stable again the following four years that came in that house. I was so good at saving, despite losing jobs and bouncing around from different jobs, I somehow managed to keep this house. I just learned where to save. I never had cable, it was an expense that wasn’t needed. I watched my money over the years. But, the year 2015, everything went down hill from there.

It was horrible, and the year is 2018 and I am still fighting my way through all my debt!

I was working in a different construction in 2015, I started in June, and decided to put my notice in, in December, I was planning to leave this area one way or another, I was trying to get into the military.

I needed out of the Coal Region of Pennsylvania, and knew I wanted to join the military.

So, as I kept working in construction company I was with, I was flagging at this time in December, I was in charge of opening the gate on the turnpike. (Only letting turnpike, and emergency go through this gate)..

Little to my knowledge that these tracks drivers coming through, that of course, ONE of them had this crush on me.

What are you thinking girl?!

At this year I was 27, 2016 I was turning 28. I had my life planned out. I was ready to leave that job, in search of something better for me, and my furbabies at that time in my life. However, the last day I was there working, that ONE triaxke driver had to stop and try to make his move on me.

Ooooohhhh boy……

I should probably back up a bit to maybe help you understand where this scenario is leading to.

When I started with this construction company in June of 2015, I was driving an off road truck at the time until about November, work slowed, and the majority of us had to flag on this turnpike, which was no big deal, I know I was scared though, I never flagged in my life before (taking a class is far different from actually doing it).

So, back on track, I always had a smile for everyone as they passed through that gate everyday, rain or shine and every guy and girl loved it! I did my best to put a smile on everyone’s face! As I did that, I never took notice of the men and women who actually drovr each piece of equipment through, I just knew their faces, except for this one triaxke driver. Apparently I never really noticed him, ever, until they day I put my notice in at work.

Oh he was definitely working his magic on picking up a date with me.

I wasn’t planning on getting into full length detail about this, but this can help you understand about fixing your Finances.

If you’d like another blog post about warning signs in a relationship, drop me a comment I will definitely!

Anyway, I finally caved in to this man, I was stuck in a nasty relationship with me until March 1st, 2016! I had no income since New years that year, it took me one week after the 1st of March to land a job, I almost lost everything, my house, truck, dog, literally. Everything… but I somehow managed to get out of that situation quick.

Another situation far different got me even more in a hole since.

Today, I am forced to get my house fixed so I can in high hopes sell it this year and start fresh. Try to pay off all my debt I owe, and rebuild my life. It is for sure a messy process to sort through. I find that blogging now helped me find a niche to help and guide others through this crazy beautiful life!

If you aren’t fixing one thing you are fixing another.

For any female out there, know that you aren’t alone struggling in this life. You just have to be smarter than anything.

Know where to spend your money, but back on things you do not need. I had to think fast this year about where all my money was going to. I was chewing tobacco which is not a good investment, in October 2017, I started selling everything in my house, just to make extra money one way.

I still could not figure out what else was wrong!

I quit stopping at Fast Food places since December 2017, I stopped buying makeup for a little while. All these little things are actually helping me more and more and I see more of a difference little by little.

I deal with Dollar Tree for food to get by and for any necessity I may need. It is changes you have to make in order to see progress in anything.

I try to pick up more hours at work. Utilize my smart phone with these apps that make make you money and save you money today, or even get you FREE products!

Now who wouldn’t want something free?

Fixing your Finances in like fixing your house!

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