Finally Friday!

I cannot believe we are at another Friday already, and that we are in the month if February on top of this! This year is flying by so quick.

What is your Friday evening thing to do after work? Do you meet your friends at the bar for a few? Go out to dinner with your other half? Work on home projects? Stay in and watch tv or a movie?

Back when I was in my early 20’s, I used to get out of work on a Friday, meet all my friends for a drink or two, go home, then Saturday we would do it again, of course tending to our responsibilities in between that we bad. Looking back on those, they were fun, but such money wasted on something that wouldn’t get you far in life.

Today, I struggle from all the stupid shenanigans and decisions I have made. I start bloggin with intentions that I can help others and steer them in a better direction in their life, by what what Ive went through and learned over the years growing up.

The American Dream

The American Dream is simply, learning your way through school, deciding what you want to do check for your future, work for your future, save your money, because one day that money goes to your house, bills, car, kids. If you learn to start young in life saving, you will always be ahead in life. I preach this message to the younger generations because it is the truth! Do not go out and spend your young lives buying cigerates, beer, stupid uselless items!

Invest in your future!

If there is one thing I could redo in my life, is I would go back to my younger days and would save my money and not have spoent it on the useless cramp that we did when we were younger. I would’ve never worried about having the latest perfume, having the best clothes to try to find that guy I “would have” spent my life with.

I am 29 to this day, still not married and no children. Not every woman’s life ends up in that perfect life style.

If I would’ve known about the blogging world sooner, I would’ve started this journey along time ago as well. The more I learn about blogging, the more I feel my niche coming out. Bloggers often talk about finding your niche, write about what you know, and what you can bring to the table of blogs.

I always had a niche for writing. This started when I was in high school, I started taking guitar lessons, actually taught myself to write songs. My first song I wrote I was in 10th grade. I love to express myself through writing. Singing/sing writing I thought that was the career I would take.

It is harder than you think.

Now, blogging is a great way for me to keep writing at least since I do have a love for this. Plus, the more I blog I find my niche is Work, home and life topics.

After all these years, I am so glad I took this plunge into blogging finally, to set a goal for myself to turn my life around, and to also, help others who stumble upon my blog. We all have a story to tell.

I am grateful to always see so many women out there in the blogging world, but I see so many mom blogs, makeup blogs.

I want to bring a blog to life about a single woman, living on her own, who works in construction, a proud furbaby momma to a dog and cat, who loves the great outdoors. Finding ways and ideas to save money now, and make extra money in today’s world, because it is hard for oneself.

Let’s also understand, not every woman gets to have that stay at home wife/mom life. Although we often can dream that, I know I do. That’s why, I am finding my niche in my blog here. I love to hunt, fishing.

So, what are your plans for this weekend? Movie? Game night? Go out with friends? Blog?

I plan on fixing my house after work, and try to relax and enjoy the weekend, while blogging away as much as I can.

Look for great camo clothes this fishing season?

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