Fishing Season 2018

Oh yes, my favorite thing to do in the world I have to say is, FISHING.

I dont know any other outdoor/country/backwoods girl who doesn’t love to do this sport, but this gal writing this blogs loves it! I have a thing for the outdoors in general it seems.

I don’t know what had gotten me into this love I have with fishing. I always seemed to want to do what the boys were doing when I was growing up, (that is probably why I work in construction, I was always fascinated in what my dad was doing over my mom).

When I heard about that beloved little groundhog this year, letting us know we had six more weeks of Winter to endure, (which in reality, our calendars say when Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall start), my eyes lit up with excitement. I am like a kid in the candy store when it comes to Fishing! I go hard at it when trout season rolls around, recently within two years, I really got into bass season.

Trout season starts around April here in Pennsylvania, and there are always rules to the game with fishing. First most and foremost, ALWAYS have a fishing license on you each year! These cost around $37.00, it is not much to have that yellow tag hanging off your hat or vest, (which needs to be visible when you are out fishing, yes, including ice fishing).

Trout, are your cold water fish, they don’t like to hang out when the hot summers roll around. When summer rolls around they go hide in the cooler shaded stream areas. There is always that size of trout that is legal to keep if you are like me and like to have a fish fry! Trout, cat fish, tilapia, you name the fish, I will eat it more than likely!

I have went trout fishing so many times over the years, it was just about two years ago that someone introduced me to the love and idea of cat fishing and bass fishing.

Cat fish, are a bit more active at night it seems, hence if you have ever heard that country song by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band-Fishing in The Dark.

Really Cat fishing is an awesome way to just go out on a hot summer’s night, sit, relax, and fall asleep out side. While listening to the crickets and all the outside noises, it really relaxes you when you are in need of that.

The real adventure I would love to find myself in, Bass Fishing Tournaments!

I recently got into bass fishing, and WOW, what a rush and fun it is! Summer time is the time to get out and bass fish! The different types of fishing lures that are out there to use to bait these awesome looking fish, is just crazy! I have yet to get a picture of a bass, but once I do, I will most definitely get it on here and let you know the best fishing gear I use to fish with!

I have had people tell me I have an obsession when it comes to fishing. I always have my gear in the truck also everyday ready to go when I need to stop at my favorite fish hole. Fishing relaxes me so much. It helps me to think and distress from anything that I go through in life.

Like me writing this blog post. I love to write to express my thoughts to give my reader that sence of adventure, to help guide you in a tough situation, or to seek out a way to make extra moeny.

Out of every blog I read today, I personally have yet to see one that talks about anything of the natural great outdoors, or females in a make dominated world. Ladies, let’s sing— Who run this world? GIRLS- yeah you know that song by, Beyonce.

I blog here about work, home, life to help inspire women and men who need inspiration.

I am a HUGE camoflouge person! Are you?

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