Do what You Want!

It has been an up hill battle since October 2017. Between working full time, trying to get this house finished and put on the market, and knowing I want to continue to blog, everything can take affect. Things start out rough and take time to build, but one day here, I will find that balance soon to keep at this blog.

Do what You want!

For years, I have always seemed to stop the time for me, and do something for someone else. I now have realized, the older I get, I cannot always do this any longer. I have been through the ringer enough, dealing with horrible situations, fighting my way through hell and fire. Today, I thought,

This is enough.

I love the people that are in my life dearly, but it is time to make me happy. Do something that I want to do for a change, and not what everyone thinks I should do or to worry about everyone.

I have done enough worrying.

I am not going to do the same as others, I am marching to my own drum from this point forward, creating the future that I want, by working extremely hard every day as much as I can, to have that life I have always dreamed of.


Because, after all the hard work I will have out in to this journey, will pay off in the end one way or another.

One thing that I would like to focus on this year, for myself, is get back into my fitness like I used to before. I loved to get out and go for long walks, hikes, even go bike riding. Joining the gym is too costly for me right now, with my journey of trying to save money, and pay off my debt, I need to find other ways of fitness in my life.

Try to drink more water as much, cut out soda pop, teas.

With a life style I have currently, it is rough with the everyday challenges that I face currently.

I keep telling myself, in due time everything will start to shift its course.

I do hope I see a change soon.

My next thing on my list, is fixing my finances, paying off ALL of my debt, and SAVE my money to have the life that I dream of.

Make a better life for me, and my furbabies, maybe one day I will get married on top of everything!

I will be utilizing my phone throughout the year for savings when I grocery shop, make extra money, earn FREE product!.

Ladies want to try your hand at earning free make this year? Join Influenster!

That would be amazing! To be able to get debt free this year!

I also plan on fishing this year, and plenty of it! Fishing is a very relaxing time for me. I enjoy the outdoors, nature, birds chirping, the smell of a fresh catch on an open pit fire!

I plan on taking my blog this year to the next level of blogging! I’ve never thought I could finally be excited about this blogging journey. After researching fpor the past three years about blogging, and I am still learning this journey, is helping me and getting me prepared for MY future!

Again, I will do what I want!

Don’t let anyone stop your dreams to create your future! You are your own person, no one can tell you what would be best for you. I have missed prime opportunities in my past to chase after my dreams and goals.

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