How I am Using Pinterest to Boost my Blog

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I am probably one big researcher the past four years when it cones to, finding any way to bring in extra money, save money, through my smart phone device and the internet. This journey has literally took me at least four years to get some idea to leverage the internet of earning some type of income from home.

I search Facebook, Twitter, Google, Indeed, YouTube, Instagram, anything out there that can help me start a journey to making money from home, while I still have a full time job, and to have enough success later at this, to be able to quit my full time job and have that dream life I have always wanted.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my full time job, because I get a sence of power in it. Why? Because, how many of other women out there can say, I work in a make dominated field; construction! Not many that I know of. The only way I know of any, is that I worked with maybe, four other ladies in the past. Sure, there are your office personnel, but, they do not operate equipment like I do currently, in my current job. I actually met two oither females who worked in another company, working on bridges, and two others in a different company then who did operate heavy equipment. Now in the current company I am in, I am the only female operating equipment. To me, it really does make me feel special, pride. Those boys that I work with, in the hot summer sun, or cold rainy days, those will always be my boys– my family. To them, I am like their sister, girlfriend (of course I met my other half here), momma bird, daughter, granddaughter.

So, I love blogging, I love to write, and I have a different life than most women. I am not a mom, I am not a wife, I do not want to be a beauty blogger. There are so many of these blogs out there, which are super great to see and know about! But, what about those women who are out there everyday in the field, doing what men do?

So, what my post here is about,

How I am Using Pinterest to Boost my Blog

Pinterest, I am learning everyday, and actually learned more about this weekend, let’s face it bloggers, we like to keep learning how to Boost our blogs right? Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social platform. From what I keep gathering, using keywords to help you, with increase your chances of your blog or anything you want to be shown on Pinterest. Now, I have only been logging for maybe eight months now, but it wasn’t until December 2017 that I really got into this avenue more and more, and I keep learning more about using Pinterest to promote my blog.

So why am I starting to use Pinterest more?

In order for me to get my kind of blog out there, I will leverage the power of Pinterest, to use keywords in my posts to get more traffic to my blog, and to help show other women, that it is ok to blog about anything.

I am learning as well, playing with different graphics to achieve high and better repins, to have more success that I know my blog can get repinned more.

When I am on Pointerest, my eye is aslways catching those pins that are, pink, light blues, light purples, with different fonts and text sizes. So, as I still am experimenting here, I will be making a new post to see how everything has been working, so you all have a chance to learn more about this journey, if you choose to do so.

I still try to use my other social accounts, I have found

Twitter is my second goal to use

Instagram is my third

Sometimes I have luck on Snapchat

Facebook is now at the bottom of my list.

This in general has been such a fun journey so far for me. My blog is always about work, home and life. I started tieing into my post about me working in construction. I had a reader bring it up to me that I should, and now I continue to do it. I am a very proud furbaby mother.

Looking for great scented candles for your home?

If you have Pinterest follow me

So, ready to see how far my blog goes this year?

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