How To Receive Free Makeup

Disclaimer- I am not sponsored by this post.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love to try my hand at getting FREE anything, especially makeup! But, throughout my experience with learning to receive anything FREE, there always comes a price to it! Either you are having to take surveys, refer others, and just be very active with a program to grab your next new freebie.

But, hey, there is nothing wrong with this route! Remember what I always say.

Hard work pays off in the end for anything you want.

This is the catch for everything in life. You must be putting in the work to get what you want in the end. Nothing is ever handed to you.

With this post this morning, I am going to express one particular website, app that you can download on your phone and this app is definitely for Android and Iphone users! I am so excited to continually share this with y’all because I am personally close to myself, to be receiving my FREEBIES too! This website/app dies take on your part time and effort to receive your makeup. So, do not get discouraged! Also, I must make this clear. You may not receive a box of goodies or you may. Listen to me, and I am sure you will get a box in no time, because yes, it is in progress for me!

Let me share this!

Ladies, if you are in that mode this year, of trying to save money this year, I would definitely recommend you to download this app on your device of go to the website to sign up!

Influenster, I found is an awesome app to get. First things first, with everything. You need to sign up.

Basic information you will put it, do not be alarmed, it helps Influenster.

You can sign up for Influenster through Facebook or email. I chose Facebook to make it easier. Once you have signed up, they ask you basic information;

Your name


Phone number

Your age

How many people reside in your household

After this step, I would definitely link ALL your social media accounts.




Or any other social media you have.

Tip- linking your accounts helps you have more of connections when you share you box with everyone on your social media.

After this step, I would go on to your about me section where you will out in about your skin type.

Then if you go to your home page, I would definitely start taking your snaps to start getting into reviewing products you use on an everyday basis! This could be any product, from food, household cleaners, make up, hair product, pet.

Like I said, the key to get into a list of receiving a box is to stay active through Influenster. You will receive an email at some point that you will be on a short list to receive a VoxBox from Influenster!

I have already received my email, now I hope go actually get a box!

If any of you are interested in checking out Influenster, then here is my Referral link

So what are you waiting for? Come try and get your VoxBox!

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