Relationship Goals 2018

In today the world we live in today, I truly imagined a man that would be involved in everything that I did, including what my family did. After all, we all get married to each side of the family, right? I have yet to see a guy I am with engage and partake in anything I did with my family, let alone, what I was doing. Honestly, it hurts the most, when they say “I love you”, and really are not there to be involved in anything that you are doing. I’m my book, that man, is truly, lazy, uncaring, and really doesn’t support anything in your life.

It’s just another type of sign, that maybe, isn’t the best to be in a relationship with that guy.

I have had multiple boyfriends in the past. Not to judge me, but, the longest relationship I had, lasted two years. I never understood why I kept going through the ringer of guys. The majority of them broke up with me. I dated, an alcoholic, a liar, a cheater, sadly, a registered sex offender, a controlling guy, a city guy, (remember I am an outdoors girl).

I just never understood what happened the past 12 years of dating.

This is the life I truly envisioned for myself growing up.

This is the type of family that I grew up with.

I was the oldest out of three kids. My sister, two years younger than I, my brother, four years. My dad worked constantly, longs hours, my mother, she stayed at home…..

Now, I don’t know about you ladies, but, if any of you had this life growing up, let me know.

So what makes today’s relationships different?

12 years of dating, I seen irresponsible guys, they were lazy. Seven years, I had my own house. Not one guy I dated had their life together.

It was all so sickening to go through everything I went through. How much more can I endure at this point?

What I cannot seem to wrap my head around is why have I not finally settled down with anyone?

Every guy I have ever been with, says all those things I long to hear, the months later are a different person. So different that, I don’t know who they are, then eventually that relationship ends.

A relationship should be 100% on both parts, not this 50/50.

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Be involved with each other’s hobby, families.

Every morning I wake up, wishing and longing for that one guy, that’ll always be there, and will let me be there for him. Some days I wonder if I will ever have that “team” in a relationship.

I long for that perfect wedding day, that wedding dress I have already picked out. Now to just have that right guy.

In due time, is what I am always told.

I scratched my head the timing that it took my brother to marry his wife. Almost within a year they were married.

But, here is the funny.

Now, that I think I found a decent guy, who lives on his own, has his own responsibilities like I do, we only get maybe, one day a week with each other, to some people, they say that is not the relationship to have.

Then what is the ultimate relationship people?

My family has me in a “fairytale” book that this is the way to live, yet, I need to work to provide for myself? That I can’t rely on a guy to take care of me….



Here is where I am trying to get at, from my point.

Relationships today are far different how they were back then. It takes two people in the household to keep up with the bills. It is not easy for one person in the household today to take care of everything. Not every house has that “man works while the woman stays at home” life. By the way, ladies, not every woman gets to be a mom.

However, I tell myself, I will have that future relationship I long for. That’s why I started my blogging adventure now, as I am still single, and know the life I want with someone, that I shall start a path that I know has potential for me to have that some sort of “fairytale” ending.

So for all of you single women out there, don’t ever take all the advice you get. Run your relationship the way you see it. Not for how others see. Not every daughter ends up like her mother.

But if you do ever doubt, just ask yourself the question. Is this the right guy for me?

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