Six Ways to Earn Extra Cash at Home!

The past few weeks have been a wow factor for me. I have had a few people that asked if I could lend them money. I never had the problem of helping others who are struggling. I still struggle to this day. This is why I have started a blog, so I can help you or anyone who may need some ideas or advice on anything. Or, maybe you need that motivation in yourself after reading.

If you ever wondered of how you can simply make a few extra bucks while sitting at home, you came to the right place to find out just how you can!

You can start these ideas as soon as today even!

Yep! That is true!

By having the right mind set and be willing to actually put the time and effort into these crazy, simple, easy, side hustle ideas to help you earn a little extra cash this month!

I must clarify, you will certainly not get rich off of these ideas, but, you can if you work at these every day make some extra rent money.

Remember-anything takes hard work, time and effort!

Here is a list of ideas that you can definitely start making extra cash today!

Collect aluminum cans

Mow grass

Shovel snow

Have a yard sale



Read this until the very end for a few special other ideas!

I have done these six ways before in the past, and each one has made me have that extra boost in my finances. It is amazing the extra little bit can help each month.

Number 1: Collecting Aluminum Cans

I know this may sound like a dirty job, at times it definitely can be. But, we all either have those people in the area that party in the woods, leave their cans on the ground. Or those areas where the mountain critters drag your garbage everywhere.

Amazing how these cans end up everywhere!

Trust me!

I personally do this for that extra money, and there are a two ways you can collect these. I myself do both ways.

One, if you enjoy getting out on walks, then I would suggest, on grabbing some bags, make sure to take gloves, and as you are walking be on the look out for any aluminum you might see. This also helps you feel better about cleaning up the environment too, and you are stashing up some extra cash to take to the scrap yard!

The second way you can collect cans is either checking on Craigslist in your local areas to see who might be getting rid of cans, or by asking your friends and family if they would part with them.

Number 2: Mowing Grass

I have done this task one summer when I needed to maje a few extra $$$. It sure did help me out the one year that I needed it. I can tell you, I set my price at an even amount, and it worked out great.

So, what I had done, was I made fliers and hung them in public places such as laundromats, some grocery stores, and other places. I had gotten a few calls for homes to cut their grass. We worked out some deals. Some I would cut every week or every other week, getting about $60 to $100 bucks every week.

There is money to be had in cutting grass and you could potentially make a little side business from it and eventually grow it.

Number 3: Shoveling Snow

We are still in the Winter season yet to be shoveling snow, and still can make a decent amount every week from this.

Setting this up is the same way as if you want to cut grass.

Start building your client list for shoveling snow and cutting grass!

Number 4: Have a yard sale

I don’t know about y’all, but back in October of 2017 since I made the decision to put my house up for sale, knowing I was not going to need everything, I started selling everything.

Now, there are a few ways you can sell your stuff if you do not have the time to hold a yard sale(it was hard for me to have one, so I found these few ideas to be helpful.)

You can sell your unwanted items on Craigslist

Download an app on your smart phone device called LetGo

Download an app on your smart phone called Offer Up

Both LetGo and Offer Up are both similar in a way. You signup for either one you want to pick. You can sign up using your Facebook account, or email. Both are free to use.

Once you have made your profile, start snapping some pictures of your item, set a price, title and description, and start selling!

Always use caution with these ideas!

Number 5: Babysit

If you are a person who is great with kids, then this could be of use for you! If you know of any friends and family who could need a babysitter, and start set to your price.

You can also sign up on to find some families who need a babysitter in your area.

Number 6: Petsitting

Last but not least, Petsitting. If you hq be a live for pets and know people that could use a persitter this is definitely a side income to look into! People do spend a lot of money on their pets and Petsitting is definitely one!

Again, you can also check

Ok, I think we covered enough of ideas for now.

So, what are you waiting for!?

Get out there and start rolling in the money!

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