We Can All Learn

When it comes to working hard for everything you have, it means a lot to yourself thst you made all the learning curves, mistakes, and any turns to get to the point where you wanted to be.


Throughout many years that I put in the time, the sweat, and tears to make sure my furbabies had a better life in the end.

That was my ultimate goal.

To some extent today, I feel like I failed them in a way, like my adorable cat I had for ten years. I felt like I couldn’t spend more time with him in his last days of his life, because I was trying so hard to keep letting him have a better life, even though he was telling me, he had a good life.

Buzz Bud Lightyear, was his name.

I wanted him to have such a unique name, and he definitely did. My mom said he had a punamy face to him, s o we nicknamed him Punam.

Oh, writing this puts a tear to my eyes.

Anyway, as I want to finish this blog post out, there is a lot we can most certainly learn from our Furbabies. No matter what pain they endure in their lives, they seem to not let any of it get to them. Whether they have cancer, a broken leg, or any other illness, they seem to keep moving without slowing down. Most of out furbabies, when they need it, they need to do a thing called earthing. That is when they need to be outside and enjoy the nice whether on those warm, Spring, Summer, Fall days. It helps them to keep being motivated, that maybe they can fight the battle they are going through.

So, this is something I am putting into what we as people can do when we are down on our luck.

Believe me, I have been through it and still going through hard times.

Whenever I feel like I am ready to fall apart with everything going on, I, myself need that push from mother nature when I do not seem to have it from anywhere else. That’s when I will just get out and go for a walk, or bead out to go fishing, or enjoy a nice hike in the mountains. This is what I call, earthing, for us. So whatever that hobby is or adventure that you like to do outside when you need that pushing and motivation to keep going, remember to get out there and do it.

For anyone who ever struggles with anything in life, just know, that situation isn’t the end for you. It is a test that we are put through in life to see what we can actually do for ourselves.

When I preach about ways of making money, saving money, working hard, being a single woman who works in construction, no it is never easy to keep going. But, lately I finding that the more I blog, it may in fact start helping anyone who may need it. That extra motivational push, like earthing does for me.

We as people, help each other in so many ways, like our furbabies show us how they live and don’t like things bother them. How a dog and cat become buddies, and help each other out.

People help people in any industry; bloggers help anyone needing advice, construction workers help with trying to make roads better-building new houses-building a new warehouse-ect., Nurses help people in a nursing home or hospital, and so on and so forth.

Let’s take a step back, of how we can learn from our furbabies. They are more understanding and more forgiving in the difficult times you may face in your life. My advice is this,

Keep on moving when things get tough, and do some earthing if you need to keep being happy and motivated to see something through.

This life is full of ideas, and things to help you get out of your struggle you are in.

My furbabies have taught me so much in the past, that without them, I do not know where I’d be today. They have always been my big push, because if I didn’t get up and go to work or somehow make that money, who was going to take care of them? Certainly not anyone else.


We can all learn from our furbabies.

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