Blame Yourself

Stop putting all the blame on everyone else what you have been through in life, because in the end, you are the only person to blame for your actions and for your responsibilities!

I see it every day, on my Facebook the negativity that I am around. I do not put myself near it, but it’s on my Facebook, and every post has someone complaining about something! My favorite one of all time!


YOU are the only person to blame for any life event you have went through, and truthfully YOU are the only one to change ANYTHING.

As I keep getting deep into blogging, yesterday actually really changed my perspective on how to steer anyone in a better direction. (I live in an area with closed minded people, who complain about all of their problems and do not do anything about).

I simply sit back anymore and watch it unravel.

I changed my thinking around and said, if I cannot HELP anyone, I can certainly keep sharing my ideas and ways, and maybe someone may soon start following because they will notice a change in my life.

Side note about me- I enjoy helping charities out. The charities that I help out more, are homeless pets, animal shelters and more. As you all know from reading my blog posts, I am a proud furbaby momma.

This is my reason behind why I am a little nervous on other charities anymore.

Do you all know that GoFundMe page?

Yeah, that website you can start a fundraiser for, in need of actually charities who are in need?

Well, this is my big part as to why I have a hard time just HELPING people by giving anything too!

In the past few years I have seen people take this website into a whole new level which has deterred me to just giving. They would start one up for “hey all, I want to go on a trip.” Or, “I need help raising money for my next car”!


Like this is how society is getting anymore?

So, I ask the question anymore, what got these people into the situation they are in today?

And I tell you what I feel, because it has happened to me. I did everything to my self. My finances got ruined because I let myself be in these controlling relationships in the past. My debt has grown because I was spending on things that weren’t needed. I am the one to blame.

That goes for anyone who asks me for money- I can help anyone in need, but the way I help is by sharing my finds with you all of how I am saving money or making money. It is hard to make changes in your life, and trust me, it. An be.

You know, my parents learned the hard ways as we were growing up. Today they are managing as well to get themselves out of debt as well, by taking that first step, they are not blaming others for the way the spent money. They are just simply taking charge on the future.

My post today, I encourage everyone to take a step back, look in the mirror, and say to your self, I did this to myself. I have no one to blame but me.

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