Be the Change You Desire

It is always rough, when you feel like you have that desire, that extra energy that you know you can do something more in your life.

What happens when others see something different?

They question every move you make, every step you take. Someone says something on an opinion you have or an idea, and it is frustrating you feel like you have no where to turn to.

I have been through enough the past 12 years almost to understand this.

I know what I deserve in this life now, and I will find any me and right now to get to that point.

So, I am doing all that I can to change my life to see better results. To have that life I deserve.

Not every woman gets the fairytale ending, marriage, kids, a man to take care of them. Some have quite a different road, where they never thought it would lead them to where they got. It has been so rough on me to not understand why I didnt get to live my life like this yet.

Here I am at the age of 29 almost 30, and I’m in debt. Trying to sell my house to hopefully relieve me of thst burden. Working all the hours I can at my full time job, plus learning other avenues of making extra cash and saving money.

It has been the toughest last three years of my life to swallow what has been going on. I do not ask for money from anyone, I simply find ways to work for it myself, and the results have been in my favor.

That is what one thing in this life I am learning, that to have something you want, you have to be the change you desire.

No one else can do the work load for you.

The area I currently live in, it is full of government help, and it is hard to get others to change when I know they seem to struggle. I can most certainly set forth ideas to anyone, but ultimately it is up to them to change. I cannot make other’s do anything. ONLY THEM.

It has been amazing lately. The amount of work I have done so far this year to start noticing little changes in my life alone, that I know can only get better from here.

So my ideas and tactics will start to change in my blog posts as I keep going, and my social media.

My ideal life, is to change my finances around, look at where I do not need to be spending money, VS I need to in other places. Next, my health and my eating habits need to change. Stop eating the unhealthy processed foods, eat better and right, exercise more. Take advantage of what our smartphones can do, by making us a few extra dollars each month. Finding new girl friends to hang out with thst enjoy life the way I enjoy it.

I plan to be the change for me this year, 2018.

Start taking control over your life today. Don’t let others tell you how to live life. Do what makes you happy, change something if it makes your life uneasy. If someone questions your every move, ask them, is this your life? If you get the answer, no, then show them the results step by step how you are going to make it in this life.

Be the change you desire!

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