A Truck Drivin Cutie- Girl in Construction

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I want so bad, to be different. Yet, want to have a life with someone already. It just seems so impossible at times.

I want to be different from other women. It shows that are able to do anything we set our minds too. I work in a male dominated field, construction. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, all of the men are amazed at the projects I am able to carry out.

In my eyes and in my situation. It is time, to bring more blogs like this to life, than your normal “mom” blogs or “beauty” blogs.

Blogging is an informational resource for anyone needing ideas:

Reviews on products

For parenting

For learning about a career path

Learning to SAVE money

Finding ways to make extra cash

Any topic you can think of.

So, why is it so hard to research about those women who work outside the home? Especially in a male dominated industry? It is hard for me to connect with any women, because most women I know, do not do what I do.

It is Time to bring this topic to life ladies and gents.

I am truly proud of my accomplishments in my life. Not many women will get the courage to work in the industry that I do. You need courage, strength, and to know, that you can do anything ad a woman.

Fact- if you can sit there and call yourself a stay at home mom and wife, you are capable of doing anything in this world.

So many women I have met in my life and I tell them my occupation, and they look at me like they’ve just seen a ghost. I could never do what you do. I get told many of times. A lot of times I smile and knod my head. Most women, I’ve met say the wrong things to me it can hurt me. I tend to need to walk away from their comments.

Listen- I give credit to any woman on what she does in life. We were created to handle more than what men can handle. That is what makes us different in this life.

I do really hate to brag, but I feel it is necessary in today’s world. I am pretty damn good at driving truck. My father works in the construction industry, and I always was interested in what he was doing. I enjoyed the outdoors more than painting my nails. I loved playing with my brothers Tonka toys in the sand box. I had barbies growing up, but I much had rather played with matchbox cars and you trucks. Although, animals as well. I had a lot of stuffed animals growing up, which I still have, plus my two favorite furbabies, my golden retriever and my cat.

This industry does take a toll on me. It is hard not getting much time with my furbabies. It is hard not getting enough time to be with any friends or family. There are many days I wish I wouldn’t be working so much. That is on thing to take into consideration with anyone who works in construction. The long days, your away from home, sometimes your having to work holidays. The bar scene becomes less and less if you are in that age group, your friends can get tired of you not being around.

Luckily, for me, I do have an amazing guy in my life that he too works in this line of work. There is a lot to weigh in on seeing one another since we do not live with each other.

I feel, blogging needs to have more of what people do outside the home instead of trying to be at home. I mean, for most, that is how you got to stay at home in the first place, right? By working a job outside of upour home?

Blogging can also help to meet others in your similar situations or similar interests. That is what I hope for through this blogging adventure. My goal is to teach people how life is, how to save money, ways to make extra cash if you are ever struggling. Hopefully send a message of empowerment to many other women out there.

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