How to Boost your Blog

I truly wonder, what it takes to really getting your blog out in front of millions of others. I do all of my research to understand the work of blogging to start a new chapoter in my life, to actually be prepared for MY future.

Single woman, living on her own, working full time in construction, taking care of her dog and cat. Yet I will always have my days. I do struggle financially. One day I hope to be out of this hole. I have faith in myself.

My goal is to teach others the way, and to show them they can overcome anything in life that they face. To have them feel inspired of my story of what I have accomplished over the years, letting them know, you can do anything if you set your mind to it. It is hard to over come this situation, especially in a “closed minded” area that I live in, because so many here think that someone if we them something for nothing. That is far from the truth.

We all live the dream. The American Dream. Starr young, that’s why it is ok for high schoolers to start working while in High School. If you can drive then, you can most certainly get a job. That’s when you learn to save money rather than worry about spending.

I wish I would’ve learned thus then when I was in school. Today I am paying for it.

No one should be in debt in their late 20’s or 30’s. No one should be struggling to pay rent or pay their car payment.

Why hasn’t anyone learned this yet? It is simply this, no one taught them when they were younger. If I could have every penny back from buying beer when I was younger, I would have at least a half year saved in my bank account to this day. If I would’ve never caved into peer pressure to smoke cigerates or chew, I’d have my other half waiting to pay off my other half of the year.

If only, if only.

But, the days need to moved forward, and I am always search for a way to make extra cash just so I am able to get ahead in life. I have been down so many paths and ideas, I can’t seem to count them anymore. (Laughing).

Recently, I was told of a new idea to try to earn some extra cash. However, I am not ready to share this idea with you all just yet. I am going to be definitely testing this one out before I share it. This idea, I always for years, thought it was a joke or scams. With the right eyes though, someone found this opportunity for me, and I have been doing nothing but learning and researching this idea. When I start to see results, that is when I will let others know about this money making idea.

What I keep learning about blogging, is that, it takes finding your niche to become successful in it. Write what you know, that can help another person out. That’s what a blog is for right? Informational life stories for every blogger to share with the world.

I am still a fresh blogger here. Come June 2018 I will be blogging for one year.

So, how can a blogger start to see results if Facebook doesn’t work for them?


If you have Pinterest- definitely do follow me.

I have learned that Pinterest, is more of a search engine than a social gathering. It is where all great ideas are posted for someone to find. It is like Google, only better from what I am starting to see.

I have learned, that using the right key words in your posts have made a great change this week alone!

People love unique anything.

For me, I am a single woman in construction, and I am finding my post with my work truck are starting to go around little by little.

I like to find more original items on Pinterest than anything. I like to see different. I am not like most women.

There is so much to play with on Pinterest to gain more and more to grow your blog, if you take the time research and learn and read everything, this adventure with start to cone more easy.

It had sure for me!

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